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  • Bog Flynn - Beware: No 3D export

    I purchased this after about an hours worth of comparisons with different similar products. I should have done two hours of research. The most glaring mistake I made was assuming that the DXF export was 3D! DXF export was in the features list, so I assumed 3D. Nope! I thought by now, this would be a rather basic feature. I had that with 'Floorplan Deluxe 11' many years ago! It does export to DXF, but only in 2D. To get that capability, you have to purchase the full blown Chief Architect, not even the 'lite' Chief Architect, which is over $1000 ($1,995 to be exact). It is a good product otherwise, if you want to stay completely within the program. I do like the build doors, windows, roof, foundation features a lot. I like to model further in Blender and other modeling software, so I am stuck with my model remaining inside this software. Also, if you want to create a patio or pool deck that realistically is a slab or elevated with a stem, you will have to pass on this version and get the Architectural version (I believe, but check the matrix on their website). I tried all sorts of ways like creating a room where the deck was going to be, so the automatic foundation would be built. Then I would delete the room so I would have stemwall and footers. This would work, except pools can only be created directly out of the terrain, so you have to make the terrain flat to level of top of foundation. I got it to work after much trial and error, but doesn't quite look right. I'd though I would solve that in Blender. Sadly no. I have now purchased Turbofloorplan 16 Pro, as it is the version before the CAD engine was switched to 'Punch'. That version uses the CadSoft engine, which is the home user version of Envisioneer. UPDATE: After using TurboFlooPlan 16, I rebuilt the house in about the same amount of time as Home Designer 2015. That $29 software is what I should purchased in the first place. It is the Pro version, so there doesn't seem to be any limits. You can create actual 'slabs' and put pools in them, and most of all - I can export whole model in 3D!

  • Nickib1981 - Hallucinations

    I have trouble sleeping and had high hopes for this product, instead I tossed and turned all night woke up from bad dreams and was seeing things that weren't there. Definitely won't take or suggest this product to anyone. Not worth the $

  • Valeria - Amazing more than you pay for

    Excellent product, HD image good in low light and better at night. Will be ordering a few more. 115 inch screen and picture is amazing. Have it ceiling mounted, image is sharp and very clear, keystone works well when projector is angled vertically. Can't go wrong for the price. A must buy.

  • Amazon Customer - Traveling in the right style.

    Good coverage, and a very good travel guide. The Rough Guides are a better fit for the way I travel, but if I can't get a new Rough Guide then Lonely Planet is a close second.

  • Dorisa - Good working. Cheaper price

    Honestly this product really works really good I've gained 15 pounds . I've always been really thin but had a huge appetite. In 2012 I had my first son which I put on weight and I was so happy. Months after running around being a mom I lost all my baby weight . So I decided to try this & really I can now eat and eat with no limits feeling good to be feeling healthy :-). Since I have gained my ideal weight I am going to break for the pills so I do have a extra box $ 40.00 includes shipping still in box email me [email protected] serious inquiries only !!!

  • Kimmers - is this normal or why it was so bad?

    I had McAfee before with no problems, but this one was a problem from the moment I installed it. It kept telling me there was a problem and would let me know when installed. It took 3 days, and then could not get hardly anything to work. I thought I had a virus. I had to call them because I couldn't even notify through my PC. Six hours of a phone call later and $79 more it was fixed but not near as fast as it used to be. This was the fisrt time I used a card instead of a disc, is this normal or why it was so bad?

  • Ernest L. - Perfect fit!

    Fit the Prius V perfect, all the way to the ground. Soft inside with easy straps. Fits easily into the storage bag without struggling.