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  • Pablo A. Campos - I don't recommend

    Hi - I bought these in hopes of relieving golfer's elbow in my left arm. I'd put these on my forearm area and then go have a golf lesson or go hit a bucket of balls. Well by the time I would finish, the skin would be on fire, and taking it off was like removing duct tape off of a hairy mans leg. VERY painful. My skin would remain red and sore for awhile. After about 3-4 times using them, I had to return them. It is possible if you use them on tougher not so sensitive skin that they would do what your looking for. But for sensitive area's like forearms, or neck etc, I do NOT recommend them.

  • S. McDowell - ... years on both cats and dogs and have had amazing result. Reading the poor reviews the majority of ...

    I have used this product for years on both cats and dogs and have had amazing result. Reading the poor reviews the majority of them sound like user error (sorry). I recommend buying the 4oz version to use directly on pets as it has a much finer mist and significantly less product is dispensed per pump. I will the buy the 16 oz and use that on bedding, furniture and rugs as well as refilling the 4 oz bottle. You spray the fine mist all over your pet avoiding (I cover with hand) your pets eyes, then rub and work product into your pets coat. This is a natural product and you have to use regularly and remember you need to clean bedding, rugs and all of those areas that flea eggs can hide. If you use this in excess and your animals lick of massive amount of this, I am sure it would cause some digestive distress. If your animals coat is greasy, you have used too much. If you are using the 16 oz bottle and using 6 close to the skin sprays you are using way too much (I only use 3 squirts from several inches away on my 60 lbs Boxer, then I rub it in and work it all over her body). There is the possibility that some animals could be allergic to cedar (rare, but not impossible). Natural products often take more time to eliminate the problem, and you have to be sure to sanitize rugs, carpet and bedding. Only treating your pet will not solve your problem. Good luck to all. I hope this helps.

  • Linda B. Clifford - Misleading and disappointing

    Requires an enormous amount of pressure to push the cylinder down. And if you let up on it, the water gushes out everywhere. Description and packaging need Warnings about this. Extremely disappointed.

  • garo - Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in it

    Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in know it's time that all laptops have SSD's as standard.....please no more 5400 rpm HD's!! Also upon removing the MB to install more memory I found no expansion slot...just 4gb of RAM soddered to the board. So it's limited to 4gb RAM. If anyone sees different please let me know. All-in-all can't complain for the price.