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  • Jaclyn - Durable and Good Sized

    Like most High Sierra backpacks, this one was very durable and had nice padding. I used it to hike and camp with when I did not need a huge backpack. Overall, it is a good size and would work perfectly for any student. If you are going out in the elements, I would recommend waterproofing it.

  • M. Brown - Easier to fit in small mouths than what the dentist uses.

    I ordered the White N' Bright Deluxe 3D At Home Teeth Whitening Kit for my daughter. She tried to have her teeth whitened at the dentist but the whitening tray thing they had there was just too large for her mouth. This one is a little smaller so it's a little better but still it's not easy for her to use.

  • Kristen - The WORST

    Stay away from these "new" curved tests. Garbage. Indent lines galore, often even with pink color. The whole purpose of spending extra $$ to receive an "early" response goes out the window when you are constantly getting what looks like a faint positive, but then turns out you're not pregnant. Completely unreliable, don't buy.

  • carrie - It is way to strong and does not smell like anything like strawberries

    Giving 3 stars for this as the smell is over bearing for me. It is way to strong and does not smell like anything like strawberries. The smell remained all day and gave me a headache. If you are sensitive to very strong fragrances stay clear of this lotion.

  • NicoBlue21 - Effective but not perfume

    This keeps my son's hair from getting flaky as he has had an issue with that when he doesn't use medicated shampoo. The smell is less than pleasing, but it works well enough to look past that.

  • Dean - It's only $23, but still ......

    You have two opinions from prominent test prep experts, and they’re valuable. I like Mr. McElroy’s overall plan for things and I’ve used nearly every book that he recommends in his review. Mr. Dabral’s Quantum sites are excellent. I’ve been tutoring students in suburban Maryland for the last several years and thought I’d add my two cents.