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  • G. Dawson - A nice supplement (but not a replacement for normal cardio/strength)

    This is a great supplement to a regular workout program. I use this 5-10 minutes a day at the end of my normal strength training or cardio sessions. I've noticed increased core strength and better balance, and I think that will only get better and better with time. I will say, though, that this is not a miracle fix. This board does something very specific. It improves core strength and balance. It is not a substitute for a good cardio workout, and it's not a great strength training device (except for the core). This is best used as a supplement to an existing workout regime.


    This product is garbage. We followed directions and it worked for only a couple of months. The battery charges but there is a switch problem. Will have to contact the company directly to try and get refund. I did way better getting another brand used weed wacker in the thrift store.

  • msmadi - Get this A LOT cheaper if you work, are a student, or in the military

    Microsoft offers Microsoft Office Professional through the Home Use Program for $9.95, which is available to various companies, students, and military personnel.

  • Deborah Lorenzoni - great machine

    never like to exercise, this machine is a great exercise definitely is the way to go on it.....the only thing is that it is quite large and very heavy to unload....once u have it in the spot u r going to use it, cant see u moving it.....but its great.

  • Julia A. Andrews - My Curiosity Won Me Over...

    Summer humidity turns my hair into a Brillo pad, only not quite so cute. I have relied on another name brand's products for years and was satisfied with the results. I purchased this starter size just to try out Fekkai products after hearing so many people rave about them, esp the Glossing cream. The shampoo was okay, but I immediately loved the Glossing conditioner and the Glossing cream was terrific. Having short-medium length hair, I can probably use the Glossing cream for a long time as it only takes a tiny amount. The next time I had my hair professionally colored I tried the 

  • B. Drew - Turtles now teenagers, lack Karate skills

    This product doesn't work as well as I would have hoped. I kept three cans in a terrarium with my 4 pet turtles for two years (starting when they were 11). Today, while they are definitely teenagers, they completely lack the following: