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  • nicholas orew - Most amazing product. They have taken out the guesswork out ...

    Most amazing product. They have taken out the guesswork out of supplementing. Within 5 days my swelling from arthritis was gone. I have been pain free for 2 months. It changed my life it could change yours too.

  • B-Rad - Overall...meh.

    Overall it is a fun game, but not one of our favorites. The music selection is limited, and they try and squeeze you for a few more bucks every month to get any songs worth dancing to. Even then, they are mostly remixes of the same songs you already get with the game. It is pretty apparent that this game was made for little kids, with angry birds remixes, and lots of ridiculous neon colors and game modes where you just sing and fling yourself around in front of the camera to see what you look like with no scoring.

  • louise - Great book to be used for NCLEX preparation

    It's knowledgeable, instructive, gives you better ways of answering your questions right. Thank you Kaplan people for this inspiring book.

  • Amazon Customer - Very glad to not have fleas anymore

    Using maybe 2/3 or 1/2 of the bottle I covered my 650sqft or something two bedroom apartment very thorougly. Probably went a little overboard with the usage and at one point I did pour a lot of it out in one spot on accident. Because of that I did wake up with a hangover because I did breathe a decent amount of the powder in and it made me dehydrated I think. After a week of this in the carpet and 2 months, just to be sure, of advantage treatments, I was rid of the fleas and I haven't seen any since. Very glad to not have fleas anymore. Would recommend the product and also wearing a mask or respirator just in case some spill happens.

  • Amazon Customer - Grossly Overpriced for what you got!!

    Very disappointed with this product. I do not feel that it performed as stated. I would not ever purchase this product again. It was grossly overpriced for the results. A much cheaper probiotic product would probably have worked much better. I would never purchase this item again. DON'T Waste Your $$!