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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Cynthia - Shredded my hair

    I have fine, curly hair and have learned to be cautious of how hair products can weight it down so rather than use this detangler as well as conditioner I just used the detangler. When I sprayed it on to my wet hair and waited a few minutes as prescribed it did help ease the comb through my hair BUT after my hair dried and I tried to comb it it shredded my hair because the comb would not go through it.

  • Amazon Customer - Unsure

    I found this cream didn't absorb as fast as I'd like and I still find it hard to wrap my head around using a hormone cream available OTC. So this 3 star rating is only because I just don't know. I may try to give it another chance but for now the prometrium and vivelle dot along with a little testosterone gel are working wonders (in every possible way).

  • Tiara H. - I love this book

    I love this book! I use it all the time it's great for when I'm on the train, and when I'm at school. It's a great organizer/ coloring book

  • Amazon Customer - Pristine & Worked 2010 Tacoma

    The equipment was a perfect match to OEM without a scratch. There was a paper included with a website for instructions. Don't bother, just read the review by Wade. 1 try, 30 seconds and it was done.

  • Tom Jacques - Great customer service!

    Great RC Car for a few weeks It is pretty fast and has great control. It can go over some pretty difficult terrain. Was fun on the beach dunes After the 3rd week it has stopped working. It just won't move. The steering sill moves but it won't move forward or back wards. Company is in China and if you didn't buy it from them your screwed.