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  • T. Gross - OK - pay attention to reviews

    I can't really complain about what it does, but my expectations were that it would be as much of a vacuum cleaner as a steamer. That's sort of true, but the roller must be on for it to vacuum. I don't like that since I have new cork floors that should not ever have a roller-brush vacuum. But it does pick up nicely.

  • Kimberly S. - I am so pleased with McAfee because of the different features it has

    My Norton computer protection was up so I went with McAfee. I am so pleased with McAfee because of the different features it has! Easy to install and come like a credit card and you just place the numbers on the computer. Packaging is thin so takes up no space on you desk and is for 3 computers. Love it and plan to stay with McAfee, also the price you could not refuse!!! Kimberly

  • Lynn Merrill - I really liked the first two seasons of flash

    I really liked the first two seasons of flash. I am not a fan of the dissipating timeline artifice, which has already (by the third episode of the third season) been used way too often. Reminds me of the entire season of DALLAS that turned out to be a dream. Yuck!! Also why THE VIBE could not remember elements from the vanished timeline is not explained.

  • SchmoozersDeals - Beer and Water Stay COLD!

    I love a cold beverage in the hot weather. I love the way it feels on my throat, and I love the way it seems to make the heat less intense.