Cholesterol and Health | Truth about cholesterol - Cholesterol and Health | The truth about cholesterol, the compound which makes us different from plants

  • Suggested Causes of Heart Disease — Index - Suggested Causes of Heart Disease — Cholesterol is not the only one. Index

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  • AlleyOop - Helpful Study Guide and Confidence Builder

    Bought this for a friend who wants to enter the National Guard, but he was nervous about 3.5 hours of test taking. This book is giving him the confidence and practice to do well. He heard from a friend of a friend that this is the best ASVAB study guide out there and he's happy to have it. Already on Chapter 2!! ASVAB for Smarties, I like to call it.

  • Katieroselizzy - Great game that gives the kids plenty of exercise!

    Kept my daughters busy for hours & hours and still is!! Love that they can use their iphones to expand the number of players past 4!

  • R. Kimball - Buyer Beware

    These are not 10% Hydrogen Peroxide Advance Seal strips. To me they seem somewhere between 6-8%. How do I know this? The 10% strips are a 1 hour treatment, this box recommends a 30 minute regimen. The strips are also shaped differently. To be honest I'm not even sure if these are actually "Advance Seal" because I've used both and I can drink water with the actual Advanced Seal product.

  • Amazon Customer - Book purchase

    The description of the book was correct. The book was in great condition and was mailed out timely. In fact, I received the book sooner then promised. I like the way I was able to track the book during the mailing process.

  • Travis R. - just flavor

    I don't think it works, I didn't see any difference but didn't drink it every day either. it's A good flavor.