Chlamydia Biobank: Introduction - The Chlamydia Biobank is a collection of diverse C. trachomatis strains collected from around the world to represent the diversity of the species. We are a not-for-profit venture and hope to enrich global research into this important pathogen.

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  • Amazon Customer - Easy, cost becoming prohibitive

    I like TT, it's easy--but the cost has risen to the point where it is equal to what a tax preparer would charge, especially when you must also purchase States separately. Do a cost/benefit analysis and factor in your time, and I say: What's the point? Perhaps tax preparation costs more in other areas than here in the Midwest, but this as been our experience. If you do use TT, though, Amazon is the only way to go.

  • Lisa - The best flat iron I have ever ysed.

    I absolutely love this flat iron. With one pass this takes my hair from frizz to flat and with one simple twist I have bouncy curls. This flat iron leaves my hair feeling soft and it looks so shiny and healthy. The first time that I used it so many people told me that my hair looked great that it made me wish that I had purchased it a long time ago. It works so well that even my husband noticed.

  • The Q - Replaced Lipitor with this niacin.

    My wife and I both take this niacin specifically because it is NOT flush free. The flush is actually the most beneficial byproduct of niacin. It dilates the blood vessels which helps flush toxins and histamines from cells which normally receive limited capillary flow. Both my wife and I used to take Liptor for our cholesterol. Since taking the niacin, we have quit Lipitor, and our cholesterol is even lower. I much prefer a natual vitamin to a man made drug whose method of action is "unknown".

  • Hser Ner Moo Kunkle - Nice Product

    I used it under some saran wrap and a tight wrap while working out and lost an inch or so around my belly. I liked how it felt refreshing on my skin.

  • ZachDoming - This set is excellent to start your collection

    This set is excellent to start your collection. My two buddies and myself both bought one at a shop and were all very satisfied. There are a lot of different cards and definitely enough to give you the just of the game. If I'm not mistaken all the cards included are legal for standard and a couple other formats so you're a-ok in that department. Overall this is the perfect box to get you started with your major addiction!

  • Glofrazier - I love this tea!

    I absolutely love the taste of this tea and so does everyone else I've encouraged to try some (even my coffee drinking daughter). I drink a lot of herbal teas and this is definitely my favorite. I can't tell if it's really detoxifying my liver and kidneys, but I do know that drinking a cup boosts my energy level and make me feel better.