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  • C. Garneau - Worst version ever!

    I've used Hallmark software for years and haven't had any problems until now. I purchased the 2012 Deluxe version with bonus software. I have a Windows XP desktop and a Windows Vista desktop. On the Windows XP desktop, the software installed okay, but when I tried to create an email version of the card with either sound or music or combination of both, neither of them worked upon playback. I repeated this a few times and even uninstalled and reinstalled, but I encountered the same issue. I sent an email to customer support but they wrote back trying to tell me how to make an email card, which wasn't the issue. I made the card correctly, I've been doing it for years.

  • Amazon Customer - Feedback

    Very happy with my order , didn't take long to recieve . Definitely will be purchasing from you again . 10/10

  • R. WOOD - Shocked at how good this was

    Seriously, I thought I would hate this product. I have an aversion to soy in any form, but I was desperate. I needed something that I would make easily and change the flavor around so I didn't get sick of it. I need to be on a meal replacement diet for at least 3 months. When I opened the pouch this morning. I thought here we go, it smells like the formula powder I used to mix up on the farm 50 years ago for the baby calves that lost their moms. It didn't smell bad...but it smelled just like that stuff. I made two shakes today with the powder and I was delighted. Since it is only 90 calories before you start adding things too it, there is some wiggle room for making it great tasting. Some of the meal replacement powders are already so high in calories you can't add anything to them or you might as well have a regular meal. I used 8 oz of low fat milk this morning, with six ice cubes and a cup of frozen raspberries. I didn't realize the powder has a little sweetener right in it. I did not have to add any additional sweetening to make it taste great. It made a beautiful thick tasty shake. For lunch I made one with frozen peaches, 1/2 cup of orange juice and 1/2 cup vanilla coconut milk and a few drops of vanilla extract. Fabulous.You can make all kinds of combinations with this one powder. I am not going to have a hard time staying on this at all. I hesitated buying something like this because of the price...what if it was was awful? It was very very good to my surprise. It comes out to $1.67 plus whatever you want to add, per shake... That is a lot lower that most breakfast or lunches out. Most people spend a lot more on that on their coffee each day. When I looked at it that way...I decided it was very cost effective ...since it was easy to use and tasted great. I would like to add after being on this now for 5 days..I dropped 7 pounds without feeling hungry or deprived. I feel this best I have felt in a long time and I an no longer sleepy in the afternoons..because of carb overload. When you feel better you are far more active. Helpful Hint...I was looking at the rating on this and trying to figure out why anyone wouldn't have given this 5 stars...I thought...They must not be mixing it right. For maximum enjoyment...don't put this in one of those shaker bottles with a ball and shake...You certainly will not get the best result that way. If you want a really delicious meal...then use a blender or bullet type machine. Start by placing a cup of liquid (juice, milk, coconut milk..whatever combination you like) in with the powder first...blend for a minute, so that it is smooth, then add your 6-8 ice cubes and frozen fruit.) Blend until is it thick and creamy. I like mine thick to eat with a spoon so I add a lot of ice...want to just drink it with a straw...add less ice. Enjoy...and watch the pounds melt away.

  • kenny - Might not work for all but it worked for me ...

    Might not work for all but it worked for me. Mines came with a antibacterial pill thing which I took as well as these and got rid of my uti! Drank a lot of water and stayed consistent with taking these :)

  • Pashusa - good tool for a good price.

    I have used these grinders for years in a professional shop. They stand up to everyday all day use. I am sure it will far exceed my needs at my home shop.

  • S. Martinez - Awesome Fix

    We used this product on our dated 60's laminate in a rental property- counters were in great shape. My husband actually added new length before we started, and we redid the whole section. We used Desert Sand, and most of the work is in the prep and your patience. Definitely follow directions, and it seems like there is too much of the chips but you want to build it up to have enough substance to sand it smooth. We appled additional chips to the seam between the old and new countertops, and you cannot tell it is not just one consistant piece. My husband and I enlisted his brother who is a painter by trade to ensure we covered adequately and smoothly. Took a weekend with the drying times, which is important. Fully functional a week later. We did not tape off, we removed the cooktop and sink entirely- highly recommend- it's easier for application process. We also did a 4 x 12 island countertop. Very impressed with the durability and look. It's not granite or stone by any means, but an inexpensive way to freshen up the kitchen.

  • Schofieldy21 - Its alright but........

    Its alright but it doesnt have clear instructions and some of the functions dont work properly, one of the buttons doesnt work and a switch does the opposite of what it is meant to :(