Welcome to Charles Russell Speechlys - Charles Russell Speechlys is a law firm headquartered in London with offices in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/about-us/history-and-key-facts/ Our history and key facts - Charles Russell Speechlys was formed by a merger in 2014 between Charles Russell and Speechly Bircham.
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  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/sectors/charities-not-for-profit/ Charities & Not-for-Profit at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our team spans the entire firm, sharing expertise, knowledge and resources to provide our clients with the support and advice they need.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/sectors/energy-natural-resources/ Energy & Natural Resources at Charles Russell Speechlys - Transactions in this sectors are often complex and require the wide range of transactional skills and experience offered by Charles Russell Speechlys.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/sectors/family/ Family at Charles Russell Speechlys - Charles Russell Speechlys is known for its sophisticated, pragmatic and humane approach to family law.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/sectors/financial-services/ Financial Services at Charles Russell Speechlys - As a firm with its headquarters in the City of London, supporting the financial services sector has always been at the heart of our business.
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  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/sectors/real-estate-construction/ Real Estate & Construction at Charles Russell Speechlys - The vibrant Real Estate & Construction sector lies at the heart of our business activities and is one we understand inside and out.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/sectors/retail-leisure/ Retail & Leisure at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our specialist team provides bespoke advice to high profile businesses and entrepreneurs in the retail and leisure sector.
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  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/sectors/technology-media-telecommunications/ Technology, Media & Telecommunications at Charles Russell Speechlys - We have a large multi-disciplinary team of lawyers specifically formed to cater for TMT clients’ needs worldwide.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-you/employment-pensions-immigration/ Employment, Pensions & Immigration at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our Employment, Pensions & Immigration team is one of the largest and most highly regarded teams in the UK.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-you/litigation-dispute-resolution/ Litigation & Dispute Resolution at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our team has the skill and experience to get to the heart of a dispute promptly and cost-effectively.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-you/private-client/ Private Client at Charles Russell Speechlys - We understand that when it comes to tax, succession and personal wealth planning, individual concerns are just as important as the technical issues.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-your-organisation/banking-finance/ Banking & Finance at Charles Russell Speechlys - The Banking & Finance team advises on the whole range of domestic and cross-border financing transactions.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-your-organisation/commercial/ Commercial at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our team aim to help clients identify opportunities and strategic advantages, assess risks, exploit success, and minimise the consequences of any downside.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-your-organisation/construction-engineering-projects/ Construction, Engineering & Projects at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our group provides the full range of contentious and non-contentious services for large scale construction and engineering projects.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-your-organisation/corporate/ Corporate at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our Corporate lawyers give pragmatic advice and go that extra mile to help get the deal done.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-your-organisation/corporate-tax/ Corporate Tax at Charles Russell Speechlys - Our team provides commercial advice to quoted companies and privately owned businesses and the people who run them.
  • http://www.charlesrussellspeechlys.com/expertise/services-for-your-organisation/financial-services-funds/ Financial Services & Funds at Charles Russell Speechlys - In addition to helping our clients with their everyday regulatory and legal issues, we are focused on advising on transactional and strategic matters.

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  • Hannah - Hospitalized because of this product

    I work out regularly, eat right, and wanted to add this to my routine to see what it was about. I took it as directed for three days and then stopped when I noticed I didnt feel right (I did not have a caffeine sensitivity prior). After three days and nights of my heart pounding out of my chest and feeling dizzy and short of breath I had to make a trip to the ER. The doctors gave me an EKG and all of the tests and told me I'd have to wait for the rest of the stimulants to metabolize out of my body- and they also told me it affected me thyroid making it underactive. I looked for contact information to make the company aware of it but it doesn't exist. I left a review of this on Muscletech's website but it, conveniently, isn't being posted.

  • D. Henderson - Some grass grew and then all grass died.

    I must have done something wrong. I threw the seeds into a shaded area of exposed top soil, watered daily and actually did see some small sprouts but then they all died and I'm left with bare dirt once again. Will not buy again.

  • G. McClintock - I have this reel on a 3 wt. Very ...

    I have this reel on a 3 wt. Very simple click and pawl drag. Mine doesn't even hold a full length of fly line. Most appropriate for mountain streams where you are not likely to get spooled. Well made.

  • vbalprownb - Great gift!

    Got this as a gift for my brother as he is always using flashlights but he hasn't stepped up into the area of high quality LEDs yet. I've been trying to convince him for a couple of years to go with a high quality light, but he hasn't because the prices can go way up, ie. with O-light, Fenix, Nitecore, etc. So I saw quite a few reviews on this one on YouTube and decided to get it for him. The price for what you get is amazing. He's had it five months and he keeps telling me how great the light is and how happy he is with it.

  • mcdanman - DampRid FG50T Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber

    I read all the reviews. Most were helpful. My Sister actually recommended this product as she uses it throughout her home.

  • mary - alright, not too bad

    I like the app somewhat but I would really like to get the premium version but it's $5 so I wish it was cheaper. I feel like it should have more than one adhan option but I can't find any good apps for adhan so I would say this isn't too bad.