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  • Sustanon 250 - Hongkong Shijingu Technology Co.,LTD - The exact blend of Testosterone esters in the Sustanon 250 blend is as follows: 30mg Testosterone Propionate 60mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg

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  • BOVJ - No Good

    Program does not import Quickbooks files, it does not work for me. It was a waste of money, try another product.

  • M. Hadden - One of the best glass cleaners out there! Safe for window tint!

    I use Stoner's Invisible Glass strictly when detailing cars (others or my own). It doesn't streak and applies well. It's alcohol based, so its safe for window tint (unlike ammonia-based products such as Windex). Unlike other Stoner's products, it can be purchased in a traditional spray bottle rather than a pressurized can. Great product!

  • IntheWoods - It works..

    I went to the podiatrist.. She gave me some cream in a giant tube that cost $90. It was similar to smearing axle grease on your feet..

  • Buyer - Hard to recommend at current price

    We purchased ours for $99 several months ago. I see that they now are being sold for just under $200. I have been experiencing some pangs of buyers remorse at the $99 value, and now I see it has essentially doubled in price. Part of the issue here is that the apps are not cheap. For example, games are $10 a pop and the "ultra" ebooks cost $20, so your first $200 now just gets your foot in the door.