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  • Madhava - Best purchase I have ever made

    Like many of the other reviewers here I was skeptical about paying nearly $7,000 for a pair of speaker cables, but after thinking about it long and hard I decided to take the plunge. After meeting with my banker to refinance my home I immediately ordered these and sprung for the expedited shipping. Once they arrived I connected them to my home stereo and decided to test them out with my downloaded copy of Pink Floyds 'The Wall'. At the very first note I realized what a wonderful decision I had made. The rising tone from my speakers began to shift, swinging straight from an auditory signal to a tactile one and then on to the visual. The walls began to glow with the resonance of the music. I then felt a deep rumbling vibration that seemed to be the rending of the very world around me. A shape appeared in the air, shimmering in five dimensions and a hundred million colors for which I have no names. This shape consumed my reality, shattering the world around me in to a billion tiny pieces. I found myself traveling rapidly down a long whit tunnel, with the sound of a rushing river mixing with the music, but the music was still distinct. When I reached the end, I found that I was in a deep crystal cave. I could actually feel the weight of the miles of rock above me. Sitting on a giant crystal lotus was a being of pure pulsating light. He/she/it began to communicate with me using the symbols of the Garden of Eden, pure communication without the distortion of language. This being, which I must call a god for wont of a better term, told me to not listen to compressed mp3s using these cables. It then touched me gently, and I found myself thrust back in to my living room with the world restored to sanity. But I will never forget....

  • Ericka A. - Great results

    I purchased this for my son. He's AA and his hair is very curly. His face would bump up horribly from shaving. We tried everything, and nothing worked. He happened to read up on this and I bought it. So glad I did!! he could tell a difference within 5 days. His skin is smooth now and no longer bumping up. He just followed the directions and he's completely satisfied.

  • Suonino - Why that price

    As an amateur coach I find this game quite solid in aspect of what someone would want from a video game that simulates football. I work with attacking systems a lot, and yes, here you can put up your team against the CPU, drop the CPU player runs bar at zero (game settings>CPU customization), and play a 20 minute half game implementing those systems to a satisfying extend, having fun too. Also the game looks polished and so on, with quite a few player likenesses, full national anthems, and a very interesting training academy that can be helpful to both veteran FIFA players, and nubies.