Capital Care Network of Toledo Abortion Services & Pro-Choice Reproductive Healthcare - Capital Care Network specializes in abortion services and pro-choice reproductive healthcare, including birth control, pregnancy tests, and ultrasounds. We are based in Toledo, Ohio but many of our patients come from all across Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

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  • MunkchinMomma - No chemicals? Why does it feel like burning?!

    Ok so I really wanted to love this product due to the great list of ingredients BUT... My daughter was crying every time I used it to wash her privates... She was screaming that it was burning... I couldn't believe this was causing it so I finally tried myself... OMG... Do NOT use this! I can only imagine how bad does it feel when it gets into child's eyes... I have a bad ezcema on my hands and I can not use it without gloves... It burns really bad and makes my hands flare up really bad... My other daughter got a really bad rash all over her body from this. The smell is very strong too, which makes me believe there has to be some chemicals there...

  • Steven J. Lapriore Sr. - Technical Glitch/Buyer Beware!!!

    Went to do my taxes today(02/09) and should of knew something was wrong when I couldn't register online. Got through my federal taxes and went to download the state(NY), when I got an "ERROR" message.Out of date/can't connect to server. I called H&R Block, what a hassle that was just trying to find a phone number. Why can't they place it on the box? Was on hold for 1/2 hr. and the CSR was no help @ all. Seems there is a technical glitch that their I.T. people are working on. They were able to help some people, but it is still going on and I am one of those still affected. H&R Block wants me to wait 24-72 hrs. until they call me. Who wants to wait that long? Asked if I could get compensated and since I bought program through Amazon I would have to go through them. I'm going to try it on my laptop tomorrow. Will try to update this. Right now I'm not a happy camper. This is the 2nd major problem I've had with H&R Bock in 6 years. Is TurboTax the answer?

  • Chris - Does not work at all

    It shocks you and makes your stomach cringe but doesn't work at all like it should. I would not recommend buying this!

  • whateveritis - came with missing parts!

    The fabric was nice. Just what I wanted but the stroller that I recieved must have been a return. It was missing all kinds of pieces including a wheel! I called immediately to return the item and they were gone. I sure hope everyone else got all the wheels because I got screwed in this purchase. Returned and awaiting refund.