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  • Yoga Essentials - Nice product

    I bought the shampoo after using the alopecia treatment. The shampoo does not create a big lather however your hair feels clean and sleek. Don't forget to shake the bottle before each use. My hair is so thin after all the recent hair shedding. After using the shampoo a few times I have noticed less hair falling out in the shower. Loosing my hair is so stressful and embarrassing. If you are looking for a solution to help with the thinning I recommend this to ANYONE.

  • buen chapin - So-So movie, but bloody brilliant Special FX

    Alas, this is just the same apocalyptic/doomsday scenario as "The Day after Tomorrow", but recycled. Too bad, that the goddamn politicians and the millionaires are the "chosen" people to preserve the continuation of the human race. Go figure! The acting is quite good, but many scenes are cheesy, cloying and ridiculous. I hate it, when a serious plot is mixed up or alternates with black humor, out-of-the-context romantic interludes and literally dozens of narrow escape situations. There are so many of these scenes, that it becomes truly annoying and too much to bear. I'd say that, many of the latest American movies are filled with that sort of junk. However, Mr. Emmerich has outdone himself in regards to the Special FX and Computarized animations. These alone, make the movie worth seeing!! The Special effects are awesome and fascinating! The best I've seen in a looooong time. I'm looking forward to watching the movie again as a rental, but purchasing it, well,....I don't know as yet. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, when it arrives at Blockbusters. Five stars for the Special FX and only two stars for the movie!

  • Michael Meuse - These do their job but, don't fit perfectly. ...

    These do their job but, don't fit perfectly. The edging keeps falling off (I have since glued it). In the Arizona sun these get very HOT, not the fault of the manufacturer but, a concern here. Lower bags will make a world of difference.

  • Amazon Customer - It turns out to be one of most surprisingly great impulse buys of my life

    I bought this shaver on impulse. It turns out to be one of most surprisingly great impulse buys of my life. The darn thing is great! It takes me about a minute to shave in the morning, does a GREAT job, and is really convenient.