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  • Adam - It worked.

    I had a code (i think 420). I used a bottle about 9 months ago and the code cleared. It came back 2 weeks ago so I did it again. It worked again. I guess every 9 months is better than a new cat. It is an 2004 Acura MDX.

  • Drcutler1026 - Love it!

    Great system, great price. This is my second system from CyberPower PC. They are my go to company. I have been incredibly happy with both the system and the customer support. I highly recommend This unit. It is perfectly compact, yet has adequate room for upgrades. It has removable filters to aid in easily cleaning. Super fast, I love it.

  • Eric Bell - solid construction

    pretty good. solid construction. water proof. i'm not a messenger, so i don't need the 5,000 little pockets on the front. ample space on the inside with some good pocket segmentation. I was hoping that it would align more diagonally across my back compared to sitting at the hip, but i supposed that's my fault for not looking into it more. the clip to secure the bag works, but sometimes you'll catch it on something and it will go loose pretty easily.

  • Ronald Hinton - GOT RELIEF?

    Excellent result on Shingles, apply with a wetwipe to keep your fingers clean. My cat won't let me pick her up if she smells it. Not bad smell, just a stuck-up cat. The ointment has a pain-relieving effect immediately and has shown itself to be a worthy product as advertized. if you have Shingles, click ORDER right now. Also, Shingles thrive on heat and stress. So sleep with light blankets and take frequent cool showers throughout the day. Keep your body cool all the time or you will inflame the outbreak. Dress lightly, keep a fan on you as much as possible. You'll notice the Shingles reducing.

  • BenDover - SENSUAL SMELL!!

    This essential oil is POWERFUL. It is LAVENDER from the KASHMIR region of India, growing it at a higher altitude makes this essential oil BOLDER than others available!

  • Syed - Good quality, very thin fit

    Good quality, very thin fit. A lot of people don't even notice the case. I suggest you get the same color case as your iPhone

  • Sean - If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can.

    If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can. On a 60" Sharp Aquos, there was a slight difference in picture. The real difference was with the audio. I had an old Bluray player for a long, long time. So long that it used to be hooked up to a tube TV. Back then they didn't include HDMI cables with a new purchase. Sound was always a bit muted, no matter how I adjusted it. Especially dialogue. On many movies, the sound effects would cover up what was being said. Not a problem now. I did this a while back with my PS3 and the difference was amazing. That time I bought the Sony cables. These Amazon cables are half the price but work just the same.