Calvizie : il portale italiano sulla caduta di capelli - Calvizie : informazioni sui migliori prodotti per il trattamento anticalvizie, per curare la calvizie e per fermare la caduta dei capelli

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City: 9.6672 Provincia di Bergamo, Italy

  • jingolo - love is a little much for health and hygeine products

    I have been using this brand for a few years now, which has been the only effective product ever (over the counter or prescription products never helped rosacea acne.) But this product does. However, the product has now been repackaged and provides larger bottles which I do appreciate. I wish the bottles could be bought individually as the toner lasts a lot longer than does the wash and lotion. I highly recommend this product over proactive or other brands one might find in retail strores or online.

  • Gerard Piccolo - NHL 2014 Stadium Series Puck

    It's quality is consistent with the Blackhawks Championship Pucks I have as collectibles. It will be added to my Curio.

  • Electronics for Dogs - Results exceeded my expectations, excellent product

    My car is over nine years old, with about 120,000 miles. The headlights weren't putting much light on the road any more, and by day they had a yellowed and cloudy appearance. I bought the Sylvania kit and was amazed by the results. The headlights are shiny and clear, and look absolutely new again. Most important, they light up the road just like they did when new. It's also amazing how much better a car looks with nice clear headlight lenses.