C Diff Treatment Resources | How to Naturally Stop C Diff colitis - Natural C Diff treatment resources for C diff colitis from Scientists and Natural Health Experts Michelle and Les Moore.

  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/what-is-c-diff/ What is a C Diff Infection? Recent Facts and Risk Factors - Clostridium difficile (C. difficile, or C. diff) is a bacterial infection that causes mild to life-threatening forms of diarrhea. How do you catch C. diff. and what causes it?
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/what-is-c-diff/is-c-diff-contagious/ Is C Difficile Contagious? Find Out How it Can Spread - Find out if C diff is contagious, and how it can spread from one person to another.
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/what-is-c-diff/your-doctor/ What your Doctor Won’t Tell You about C. difficile treatment - Find out what doctor isn’t telling you about your treatment for C. difficile infection. Prevention tips and and how to avoid the pitfalls of the health care system.
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/what-is-c-diff/3-steps/ 3 Step plan to get rid of C. difficile - 3 Step plan to get rid of C. difficile, repairing the damage to your body and preventing recurring infections
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/treatments/ C diff Treatment – Which Treatment Approach is Best? - Which C diff treatment is best? Pros and cons of natural versus mainstream C difficile treatment approaches.
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/treatments/c-diff-natural-remedies/ C. Diff. Natural Remedies - C. Diff. Natural Remedies and alternative C. difficile treatment methods pros and cons
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/infection-control/ Hygiene, Cleaning and Infection Control for C. diff bacteria - The C. difficile superbug is a growing risk with the rise of antibiotic resistance. If you or a family member is sick, it’s vital that you understand and practice good infection control techniques.
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/infection-control/how-c-diff-spreads/ How C. diff. Spreads and How to Minimize the Risks - C. difficile can exist as living cells and as spores. In order to cause infection, the bacteria must be transferred into someone’s mouth.
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/faq/ C. difficile FAQ’s: Risks, Recurring Infections and More - 20 to 25% of people who get infected with C. diff. suffer at least one recurring infection. C. diff bacteria can lay dormant for years, waiting for the right conditions to cause re-infections.
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  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/products/testimonials/ Success Stories from C Diff Sufferers - Read our customer reviews and success stories. See how Michelle's methods have changed the lives of C. diff infection sufferers around the world.
  • http://www.c-difficile-treatment.com/products/ C. diff. Treatments & Remedies Book - Michelle Moore’s new book uncovers new ways to treat Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) that most doctor’s are unaware of.

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