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  • J. Amador - Slow delivery and not fully assembled

    The delivery time was the worst I bought it as birthday present but it arrived with a week delay, even whe. I got reimbursed part of the delivery fee, when I received the team had to be Assambled that is not a big deal but the problem is that even crucial parts of the engine like the carburetor were loose and we had to adjust every single screw, after that getting it to start was a pain it took us around 2 hours or adjustments to the air intake and idle screws, after it started it was hard to get it starter for another three to four tries and then it bake easy. After using it for a month you need to sit down and work on tightening all screws at less once a week as the get loose easily.

  • Theresa A James Shotwell - Outstanding Product

    I've used this product over 2 years and love it. I had back, knee and neck pain. It took about two months for it to get into my system, but when it did, it worked well. I was able to sleep better and function well during my aerobic classes and daily activities. I usually order four month supply at a time. Now I need more. Hope this product does not go out of business. If it does please share with me a product that works just as well.

  • David Dardar - Worst Customer Service Ever!

    I purchased this program online from a link on Amazon for Avangate for a very good price. Unfortunately, when I purchased the product the licensing key that makes the fully functional 30-day trial version a year long subscription was not sent until 3 days later. Most normal download purchases with other companies are sent within minutes, most at the same time as the purchase confirmation email, an issue that I've never had with anyone else. I had to call PayPal and Avangate because at first I thought I'd been had, they claimed to have sent the key to one address and then I had it resent to an alternate one. When the licensing key finally arrived it didn't work and I was directed to call Bitdefender's pleasant customer service, some guy name Dan with a thick accent. Bitdefender said that the call to Avangate and PayPal created a "chargeback" forcing them to make the licensing key non-functional and to forward emails from myself, PayPal and Avangate, then the licensing key would be reactivated or a new one issued from Avangate. Once again, about a week after purchase, Avangate sent the same non-working license key, claiming that everything was settled. I received a letter from Bitdefender later asking me to forward emails between myself PayPal and Avangate, even a screenshot of my banking statement as proof of the purchase and proof that the purchase had no ongoing (chargeback) issues, which I sent, not showing account numbers, of course. How much more am I expected to send to prove my purchase?

  • bobby case - Vary exciting story.

    Vary exciting story. I stayed on the edge of my seat several times. It is like a box of chocolate, you never new what was coming next. To quote a great person Forrest Gump. If Bobby Akart played baseball he would be batting a 1000 with hitting another one out of the park. This family is so close you can't help pulling for them. I also learned that you think that a young group of boys that should help people can be vary dangerous with the wrong leader. This is truly a great series and I can't weight for the next book.

  • Gary Krystof - No results

    I was looking for all the great things that the advertisement claimed. Pain in knees and ankle from old injuries and hard use. No such luck... no benefits at all. Wish I would have saved the money.