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  • California Jo - This product works!

    I'm sorry, but it's ridiculous to complain about a slight odor or a tingling sensation with the use of the RoC Retinol Correction line. This only means it is working! This is not meant to be a "perfume" cream; it is more like a medical prescription, though not as strong as straight retinol. I've used it for almost a year and can tell you that if you use these four RoC products (RoC Retinol Correction line) day filler, eye cream, moisturizer & night cream, you will see noticeable results. My only regret is that I just discovered I can save a bundle by ordering it from Amazon rather than purchasing it at any of my local drugstores. It is far, far better than any other over-the-counter products that promise wrinkle reduction.

  • NorseGirl - Gentle, effective eye beautifier

    I had never heard of the Skederm brand until I received a discount promo code to test this eye cream. I am loving it, and will definitely purchase again. It's very important to choose the right eye cream. The skin is sensitive and thin, and usually the first thing people notice about you is your eyes. I really want to prevent any further sagging and bags under my eyes. When I was around 19, some guy told me and my older sister that he could tell we were sisters because we had the same circles under our eyes!

  • The Z - Penetrating Heat

    This unit provides a nice penetrating heat. Some of the LED's emit invisible light. I found to verify if the infared "invisible light" LED's are working, to point my video camera at the unit. The LED's that glow invisibly to the human eye are displayed in the viewfinder of my video camera.

  • Cookie - Excellent Product

    I applied this product every day for 2 weeks and then stopped. Even though I didn't complete the required schedule, I did notice a positive change in the appearance of my toenails. I will pick up the application schedule again to complete the schedule as directed.

  • Pete M - Mindset rules to improve YOUR life

    This is fantastic book, which I devoured in 2 sittings. The author was one of the few to predict the rise of Trump, when everyone else thought he was a joke, and he shows you how he identified this so early in the election.

  • Amazon Customer - This is a great product, a must get

    I thought the 3m adhesive wouldn't be strong, but I stand corrected, I live where there are lots of strong winds, but they're still on. This is a great product, a must get!