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  • Buttaflyy - Mannnnn!!!

    She did it again!!! I love it. Nicole you wicked with the pen,sucks u in evertime. I hated for your books to end.. Keep them coming... Im a fan to the end... No other author give u 2 books in 1 with a banging read.. Keyasia and Wale was another banger I had 2 add to my Nicole Jackson list.. GOOD READ....

  • Melissa Marigold - Fabulous Moisturizer - Great Quality Shea Butter

    I have been using a kojic acid and glutathione lightening soap and it can be a little bit drying – so in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid I use I have decided to add on some natural and organic moisturizers like shea butter. This brand is amazing and very hydrating – it really helps to prevent any peeling that might happen and it also really helps to hydrate my lips … which if you ever get that kojic acid and glutathione soap on your lips – you know how drying that can be. This shea butter is top notch premium grade … it is 100 % pure and 100 % organic – it is raw and unrefined and comes from Ghana (although it was packaged in the United States).

  • KnowItAllPhD - much better than the standard Google cardboard

    We have had this unit from Blitzwolf for several weeks now, and were initially unimpressed because we did not know anything about Google Cardboard at the time and just tried to view 2D movies with it... without downloading any apps. Really stupid!

  • Marilyn Strosberg - We use to have wonderful results with this product but had to send back ...

    We use to have wonderful results with this product but had to send back the last two due to the consistency of the product. it is awful ..i gave to my sister and now she can't return it as its past the nov 6 date. can you help. i would've to have it sent back. please notify marlene.ashmore@gmail. com on how to get this resolved

  • dutchie - Doesn't work on Windows 7

    The software didn't work on a fresh install of windows 7. It freezes the system and even ctrl-alt-del didn't work. I had to do a complete reinstall.

  • Elle - He's a perfect little guy

    He's amazing he's like the real life johnny 5 I always wanted . And what's great is unlike micano I didn't have to spend to days to build

  • C. Putman - Blue Devil Works!

    This product does work. You MUST follow instructions. Flush, Flush and Flush the cooling system before adding product. Worked on my Ford Ranger V-6 with aluminium heads. I only used half to three quarters of the product on mine. Had a total of 2 external leaks on the front side of the cylinder head, on drivers side. Product will buy you some time....But get your head gaskets fixed as soon as you can.