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  • Lisa - Did nothing

    I unfortunately read reviews after i ordered. I gave the lotion a shot anyhow. Smelled nice, was white cream though not like the others. Says will be several shades darker in just one use. I used a few times and saw almost no difference. Very dissapointed with it. For $20 that i paid for it, was not worth $5. I will never buy another lotion that is white and not bronze color. I have gone back to Snooki and have gotten much darker already. Even if i had gotten darker in 5 times, but that wasnt the case. Seems like false advertising.

  • mary martin - BLACK SEED CAPSULES


  • QUINTIN GUZMAN - Semi satisfied..

    Works well and I can see the difference. Having a Newer, fresh bottle, with new product inside, not an Old one that has been sitting on the shelve is a plus! The dispenser was in-operational halfway thru the bottle.

  • peter elliot - Quicken Disaster

    I installed and ran this program for the year of 2013. It is the most difficult program I have ever tried. Tech support is awful at best. In a years time they were not able to make the address book print properly. Online features sometimes do not link up and credit cards register twice in registry. Now I am doing taxes what a nightmare! As of January 1st I have uninstalled quicken 2013 and replaced it with my old reliable quicken 2001 deluxe. New not always better.

  • M. Isenberg - Do not take this product

    I fear this is a much more dangerous product than people realize. After 4 days of two pills two times per day, as recommended, I was in pain. Not just the gastrointestinal stuff that others have mentioned, I also had horrendous pain in my upper legs and knees. Pain to the point that I was in tears. Originally I took the product for pain in my hip where I am arthritic. After going on line and reading the reviews posted here, I decided not to take Move Free anymore. Lo and behold, the leg pain was gone in 24 hours, as quickly as it appeared. I even tried to research this product on line before I bought it, but evidently missed these reviews. I couldn't find a lot of feedback. This is defintely a buyer beware.

  • Bobbie - Amazing

    I wasn't sure at first but I figured this is worth a try, much less expense involved and I wouldn't have to have my dogs sedated to scrape their teeth. So I gave this stuff a try. It's been about 24 days and omg a big difference already, the white is showing more and more each day and no more nasty breath. My little chihuahua's gums are nice and pink they aren't red and sore looking anymore. At the most in a year or perhaps two I may take them to have their teeth cleaned by the vet but I won't need to go back. Even though my little male's front teeth are barely starting to turn white his back teeth are white they were all dark brown and really nasty before I started this. I will keep buying this product. I even told my dental hygenist and while talking to her and telling her what this stuff was called my dentist kinda had an irritated look on her face. If they make a stronger version for people imagine the posibilities for us as human beings! For people with NO DENTAL Insurance this would be a godsend. Love love this stuff because it works. My babies are THAT crazy about it but I just put like a pea size on my middle finger and I will hold them and one at a time I will rub this on their teeth and they lick it all up and that's what you want, it works! NO JOKE.

  • Alicia - Do NOT buy this product!!!

    I'm so upset with what this product did to my cat. My cat is 13 years old and was looking for a cheaper medication that could help her, I read the reviews and was so hopeful that it would help her. It did not do anything, if anything make her worse! By the second week of medication she had began to throw up twice a day followed by pooping but she never made it to the litter box. This medication almost seemed to make her weaker than what she was before. Scared me half to death. So all those reviews on the main website are a bunch of BS!!!