Boston Elder Law Attorney | Guardianship Law, Medicaid & Estate Planning Lawyer Massachusetts - Boston, Massachusetts elder law lawyers at Blake & Associates assist families and elders with Medicaid / Mass Health planning, conservatorships, durable powers of attorney and a host of issues related to the safety and well being of seniors.

  • Boston Estate Planning Attorneys | Living Will Preparation Lawyers Massachusetts | Special Needs Trusts Petitions Contests Sherb - Through Medicaid-planning, trusts and special needs trusts, and other estate planning tools, the Boston elder law and estate planning attorneys at Blake & Associates help baby boomers care for aging parents, spouses, and disabled children.
  • Boston Massachusetts Guardianship & Conservatorship Lawyers | Powers of Attorney Weston MA | Authority over Finances Business - Boston, Massachusetts elder law and mental health lawyers at Blake & Associates assist families seeking to secure guardianship or conservatorship for vulnerable elders, disabled family members or those with mental illness. When you think you have nowhe
  • Massachusetts Healthcare Proxy Attorney - End of Life Planning - Call (617) 245-0224 - Establishing a healthcare proxy or living will can help ensure you or a loved one receives needed care when illness leads to diminished mental capacities or disability. To learn more, contact Boston, Massachusetts healthcare proxy att
  • Boston Special Needs Trusts Attorney - The attorneys at Blake & Associates in Boston, Massachusetts have decades of experience handling guardianship issues and special needs trusts. National leaders in guardianship law. 617-245-0224.
  • Mental Health Lawyers Boston / Emergency Guardian Massachusetts - Boston, Massachusetts mental health lawyers at Blake & Associates assist families and people suffering mental illness in securing treatment, in authorizing decision making authority through conservatorship, and legal proceedings. When you think you hav
  • Rogers' Guardianships Attorney Boston Massachusetts / Antipsychotic Medications Laws - Call (617) 245-0224 - Protect your legal authority to manage the financial and medical affairs of a loved on anti-psychotic medication - contact Boston, Massachusetts Rogers guardianship attorneys at Blake & Associates.
  • Competency & Capacity Hearing Attorney Boston Elderly Alzheimer's Dementia Mentally Ill MA - The Boston elder law planning attorneys at Blake & Associates help baby boomers care for aging parents and children with mental illnesses.
  • International Guardianship Lawyer / Boston Massachusetts Foreign Guardianship Attorney | MA - If your loved one is showing signs of emerging mental illness in a foreign country, Blake & Associates has the experience to help. Located in Boston, Massachusetts. 617-245-0224
  • New Massachusetts Guardianship Code Lawyer - Call (617) 245-0224 - Understanding changes to the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code and how it effects guardianships is essential. To learn more, contact Boston, Massachusetts guardianship attorneys at Blake & Associates.
  • Guardianship for drug addict / Dual Diagnosis - Information about Dual Diagnosis and obtaining a legal Guardianship or Conservatorship for a person addicted to drugs.
  • Addressing HIPAA in Wills, Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Proxies / Compliance, Regulations, Privacy Issues Lawyer Boston / MA - Call (617) 245-0224 - Our office brings wills, healthcare proxies, trusts, and durable powers of attorney into compliance with HIPAA's protected health information provisions. To learn more, contact Boston, Massachusetts estate planning attorneys at Blake

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    I recently purchased this at a spectacularly high price, and afterwards just wondered why I didn't purchase a programmable thermostat. Physically the components that make up this gadget are cheap and inferior. After two weeks the glass cracked. Ok, no big deal, let's just call customer service to get a return/replace order on that 2 year warranty. No dice. After fighting with them via email (if you can get anyone on the phone, you must be a magician) I was told to send pictures. After many pictures clearly showing the crack I was told "That is how it supposed to be." Well It wasn't there when I bought it and was denied a return order. Wow. I'm glad someone on the interweb looking at pictures knows better than I do about what is physically in my home. SAVE THE MONEY AND JUST GET A REGULAR PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT. They do the same thing without the software flaws these things continuously suffer.

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    This has given me absolutely no problems since I bought it and set it up. I would definitely recommend it. The blacks are very good IMO I have mine on a TV stand, It does not wobble, legs are adequate. My son uses it for a gaming monitor and really likes it also. Picture is great, we have cable TV.

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    This is as good as it gets. I'm a network engineer and was looking for something simple and easy to maintain but could handle my new 250Mbps internet connection and still be able to provide stateful packet inspection, QoS, multiple wi-fi zones and a guest network. I just did a speed test and was able to hit 280Mbps down and 25Mbps up which is technically more than I'm paying for but not surprised comcast is enabling burst speeds up to 280Mbps. During download test, CPU on core 1 hit 60% load and core 2 hit 6%. I have all extra services enabled including Adaptive QoS, SPI, traffic analyzer, and traffic monitor. The web admin interface is beautiful, functional, and easy to use. Even the iphone app works great as well unlike many others out there which are usually a complete waste of time. It also comes with free Dynamic DNS service which is a nice hidden feature. Super super impressed with this unit. I'd say the only downside to this is that it's rather large and there's no obvious was to wall mount this thing in the network operation center of my house and it doesn't match any of more airport extremes but that's just nitpicking at this point.