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  • Lydia C. Bush - There are not adequate words...

    For learning how to dance with The Trinity except for Divine. I am thankful to God for His Presence that brought me to know The Joy of now through Jesus. This book gives me hope for God's Creation to have a heavenly life in this world.

  • Kristin Gronemeyer - The difference was amazing! This product has a pleasant scent which made ...

    What a difference! Used on the cement floor in my father's basement after months if not more than a year of his kitty using the floor as his litter box! The urine smell was overwhelming and very embarrassing. I followed instructions and repeated heavy coverage a second time. The difference was amazing! This product has a pleasant scent which made it even better. great product, I highly recommend!

  • King from Queens, NY - Everyone misses the point

    I used this after having a hair transplant hoping to "keep my new hairs/keep what I have" and only after 3 years, a significant portion of my transplanted hairs fell out plus my original hair. Why? What the transplant surgeon didn't tell me and none of the reviews of LaserComb mention are the nutritional needs your body requires to maintain and grow hair. Are you low in iron? Hair won't re-grow if you are. My one meal-a-day plus snacks wasn't meeting my body's dietary needs. I have to take a liquid iron supplement and eat iron fortified cereal everyday to rebuild my reserves. I take Super Saw Palmetto vitamin to block DHT from making my hair fall out (by the way, the hairs that were transplanted from the back of my head to the front were supposed to be "immune" from the effects of DHT but still fell out). I take a vitamin daily of each of the following: Mega Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, and Taurine to nourish/effect the follicles on the cellular level. From the vitamin supplements alone, I've noticed a decrease in hair loss and hairs are thicker.

  • Debi Del Grande - My stylist noticed the difference

    I have very fine hair and it could never grow past a certain length. I ordered the Cucumber Aloe for my hair type. I don't know why the other reviewer commented on the smell. It smells fine. You have to use this for at least 2 months before you really notice a difference. All of a sudden, my hair was healthier, growing and my stylist asked me what I was using because she noticed the difference. I'm sold.

  • Janet Kramer - Not the product ordered

    I received this product in boxes that looked very old, had staining on them. I opened the jars and there was wax inside of them instead of face cream. I have contacted Avalon Organics and they do not make a wax product.