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  • Vijayan - Wonderful Cricket Game on PS3

    There aren't much options available on the market for Cricket enthusiasts on PS3. This one from Code Masters work very well, and have different modes/difficulty levels that one can choose.

  • Ready Reference - This is a fake. You'll lose money and possibly lashes.

    I should have realized this was a fake when: the cap was a different color than the tube, the logo was different, the tip kept coming out, the color of the primer was cream rather than beige, it was very liquidy, and it didn't seem to work for very long. I just bought another tube from Sephora and it was back to the right stuff, just like the one before I bought this. There is also a possibility that I developed infected eye lashes from this product as they were very itchy and falling out a week or so after I started using this. If you notice any of the attributes I described - beware. This was purchased from Sanchez Bargains. When you buy the real product, it works very well at holding your shadow and liner. The real prodduct is also good for brow fill-in applications too.

  • Tammy - Great for the price!

    If you are considering getting an in car camera and don't want to spend a fortune then these are worth considering. I've been using two for the last three days and no problems.

  • Tabitha - QB 2012

    I found very little information that was helpful in this Dummies edition of QuickBooks 2012. While I can appreciate good humor this one went overboard. I had to really search for any info on charts of accounts or other pertinent topics that made any sense. The book appears to be a good advertisement for the product and not much more.

  • Micheal Hunt - Finally.... The Rock.... has come back to.......... SUCK IT

    SvsR 2011 is the final game of the series to be released on the PS2. The PS3 version features a few more options, but the final ditch effort for a WWE PS2 game shines brighter than the last 2 efforts that had glitches and and a a not as exciting roster of wrestlers to choose from, compared to SvR 2008. However there are still some things this game left me disappointed with.