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    City: -86.158 Indiana, United States

  • Sergio Gonzalez - does not work

    bought if from official web site, used it for about five or six months but did not work. The plastic covering in laser comb fell off and can be heard when i use the device. Have not bothered getting replacement.

  • Cate - broke me out :(

    unfortunately this product broke me out horribly. I tried to keep sticking to it but it just seemed to get worse and worse. I never had issues with pimples on my cheeks, but after using this pimples started showing on my cheeks leaving dark scars. they would also heal but then come back repeatedly in the same spot. after a few long months I've finally got my skin under control again but the scars are still there. wish I never tried this!

  • KingfisherHB - Terrible design! Would not buy again...

    This is a horribly designed snack tray. The way it snaps into the stroller puts it at a weird angle, making it hard to see the snacks in the tray as well as hard to grab the snacks placed inside the tray. The drink holder is on the smaller side and barley holds any of my daughters sippy cups. Ergonomically, a terrible design. The angle pitch is to high, terrible design for any child's reach.

  • S. Magliocco - It works well

    Shipping was incredibly fast. I had the treadmill within days of my order. Trust me - have the delivery company bring the package into the house because it's VERY heavy.