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  • Krystle Scribner - He continued to take these for about 3 more days and then he stopped taking them because he said it felt like he had anxiety

    I purchased these fat burners for my husband because he is very active during the day but has to eat on the go rather regularly. The first two days he said he noticed more energy during the day which was a welcome effect. By the third day he said that he started to feel jittery and was in the bathroom more than normal. He continued to take these for about 3 more days and then he stopped taking them because he said it felt like he had anxiety. The good thing was that he said it definitely decreased his appetite and he did end up losing a couple pounds but the anxiety was getting to him.

  • Amazon Customer - This is the best. I clean housed for a living and this ...

    I have used many stove top cleaners. This is the best. I clean housed for a living and this is great, even on old build up on stove tops.

  • M. Johnson - It's like stepping back in time and reliving some great moments in NFL history. Plus, ref says: "She likes Itallian food."

    This a a great read for anyone who was a football fan in the late 80s early 90s (even if you are a Hawks fan). What I appreciate most besides the incredible story of Steve Young's life, are the various names of players and coaches Steve played with and against. Being a Hawks fan I found it fascinating that Mike Hologram was Steve Young's coach at BYU. I did not know that. I knew he was the QB coach of the Niners when he was there, but not the coach at BYU.

  • catherine - You'll Love Your Feet!

    I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this, and I was concerned about the number of complaints that the unit stopped working when pressing against a callous. After using it, I found that the only reason it would stop spinning was because I pressed too hard. Pressing harder against the callous isn't going to get rid of it faster. A callous is multiple layers of dead skin: it's going to take work and a little patience to get rid of it. Before my first use, I had thick callouses on my heels and on the sides of my big toes. This unit worked wonderfully to remove them. I spent about 15 minutes on each foot: considering this was my first use, that's not too bad. It's important to clean the roller after using it- otherwise, it is not as effective. The removed "flakey skin powder" builds up and sticks to the roller, which is like coarse sandpaper. You'll notice the difference in how it works when it's clean versus when its not. Major difference.

  • acrabtreegirl - Hard work, lots of attention to detail, but worth it!

    We just finished the main part of our 1979 laminate kitchen countertops in Desert Sand and are thoroughly pleased with the results. Before buying this product, we read all the reviews, and I even printed Heather's excellent review and kept it handy during the project. She is exactly correct in that you MUST follow the directions to the letter and be extremely meticulous. We watched the video several times, and kept it handy to watch in between steps. As long as you take extra time and care to prep, follow the directions, and don't take shortcuts, you'll be fine. And yes, you do need two people for this project.