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  • R. Wilt - Great Product

    I was using an older version of Quicken but decided to update after my computer crashed. I like this version. I especially like that it can connect to my bank account and download cleared transactions. I also like the ability to categorize my transactions. I highly recommend this product for everyday home use.

  • R. S. Tarnove - Fun for those who like interesting factoids

    I don't know how accurate the information in this book is, I have no reason to doubt anything the author says. I just enjoy books like this with interesting facts and history. Lots of topics covered. Only complaint: the "bonus" facts are white type in a black box and are hard to read on my kindle without increasing the font size.

  • Steven - Charging unit no longer charges headset

    I bought two Platronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headsets. Within a month of using the product, the charging unit quit charging the headset. I was really disappointed because this headset came so highly recommended.

  • Christine1e - This is our favorite! The only diaper cream recommended by our pediatrician

    This is our favorite! The only diaper cream recommended by our pediatrician. It lives up to its promise of improvement by the next change. Worth every penny.

  • Amazon Customer - Thicker eyebrows

    It is easy to use. I don't even need a mirror. My brows have lightened and thinned as i have aged and this product is going to thicken and darken hopefully. I try to use it 2-3 times a day.

  • Dennis - End Caps are Tough, Everything Else is Easy

    Bought the crossbars so I could get a Yakima J-Rack on for a kayak. Figured this would be a simple install, but those darn end caps are stubborn. After watching the video on You Tube (didn't help because the end caps were different than mine) and looking at the cryptic instructions that came with the bars, I tried to tackle it. I became so frustrated and enraged with the darn things I nearly gave up and went to the dealer. Luckily several of the reviews on here helped, including holding the screwdriver as far onto the tab as possible and getting a rubber grip assist thing. Most helpful to me was to get a better leverage point. Rather than coming at it from the side, I got my stepladder positioned off the left rear bumper and holding the screwdriver in my right hand I was able to pull straight back with my left hand on the end cap. This better leverage point enabled me to get them both off when I repeated the process on the other side. They are amazingly stubborn though, my vehicle is a 2007 so maybe 6 years on being mated to the side rails made them somewhat more difficult to release, but honestly why do they make something so simple so tough to do. The rest of the crossbar installation is easy, just watch the lineup of the washers and make sure the wider part of the bar is to the rear...messed that up and had to flip the front bar around.