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  • swaff - Decent, but not amazing

    The UV protectant has started coming off after only a few weeks in not-that-harsh weather, and the spray nozzle on the "surface activator" gunked up after only 2-3 sprays to where it would not spray anymore. I am an avid DIYer, and followed the directions really closely and took my time, so it's not that I didn't do the process right...I've restored a lot of headlights. The tape that comes with the kit is more like electrical tape than painters tape. I would not use that on my car, and others have posted that it did indeed take off some of their car paint. The sandpaper that comes with this is rather small. I'm not sure what the "surface activator" actually is, but it smells alcohol based, so maybe just something like rubbing alcohol that is a good cleaner.

  • GraniteDon - Working great, upgraded to 8.1 Pro with no problems

    This has been a great little computer. I use it as a headless server (no monitor, keyboard or mouse) as a home automation controller, access using Remote Desktop Connection from a network laptop. I upgraded to Win 8.1, but had to buy that for $100 because I needed the Pro version to support RDC. Nice to have plenty of USB ports although some of my external devices use old-fashioned serial communication. I have found that some cheap Serial-USB adapters won't have drivers for Win8, but the Keyspan USA-19H works flawlessly with no additional driver required.

  • R. C. Freitas - great program fast download

    book is very helpful in using access its been a few years since used a database so the step by step process of the book worked well its also a great reference. I open it on my tablet while using access on the ultra book while on the road.

  • Jordan Cantu - Best seat ever!

    This is the second foonf we've purchased- one for each of our girls. This model is slightly different than the 2013 version. There don't seem to be magnets to hold the harness straps, but that's not a big deal. This car seat is heavy as all hell, but totally worth it. It's a beast, but a beautiful one. The pink color is not "too" pink in my opinion. It's toned down. I highly recommend this seat! We are still rear facing at 2 years and 3 months :)

  • dakotaqua - LOVE!

    SO HANDY! I love that it hooks to the back window and moves with the opening and closing of the back end.