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  • Lois - Gift for Granddaughter

    Bought this for our 3 yr old granddaughter's birthday. Made the mistake of letting her open this gift first! She was absolutely IN LOVE with it. (she has been playing on her cousins ipod, her parents phones...etc.) None of the other gifts she received at the time were interesting to her. she kept asking for her "ipod". Then for the next hour and a half the world went on around here without here even knowing it. I would highly recommend this for young hands. Very durable and educational at the same time as being entertaining. Would also recommend getting the AC cord so it doesn't eat up batteries. You can attach it to a longer extension cord so child can sit comfortably on a couch.

  • G. Carroll - Cooled 10 bottles and then quit working

    So disappointed in this product. It quit working after being used nine or ten times. Until then it worked like a charm. No mess, acceptable noise, very little drip, quick cooling, easy to use. But man - such a short life span makes this a crummy product.

  • happydance - This is the best flea treatment around

    This is the best flea treatment around. If someone plans to get a new kitten or cat I suggest treating the carpet 2-4 weeks prior to their coming, because it interrupts the flea life cycle but doesn't kill them immediately.

  • Barbara H. Whitfield co-author of Timeless Troubadours, The Moody Blues Music and Message - dr. Wright understands

    wright understands what our medical model doesn't. western medicine has been bought out by the pharmaceutical industry. Thinking "outside the box" Wright explains clearly how to get relief without using these toxic drugs. I was taking Prilosec several times a week with Tums in between. Now I am off all that and feel much healthier.

  • Stickman - Not For Smaller Bolts and Screws?

    I tried and tried and despite meticulously following the instructions could not get this product to work. I finally just drilled out the hole and tapped it for the next larger size. It is possible that it is intended for larger bolt sizes although the packaging makes no mention of any size limitations. I would say if you're going to try this product don't use it on anything smaller than 5/16".

  • carla silvers - Incredible product Incredible value!

    this may be the best facial product I ever used. I initially found this product at the international market in Honolulu 6 yrs ago. I paid 50.00 for it as I was so impressed by the demo. Finding this online for 10.00 is a steal. It removes the top layer of dead skin better than any facial peel or skin care product I have ever used. I've paid 100.00 for products that give much less. This is a miracle facial and easy to use. Simply dampen you face, apply a small amount and rub in a soft circular upward motion adding more as required. I have introduced this product to my daughter and others and they have become fans as well. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about this. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!

  • MattCB - Comes in a pack of 4

    I was very pleased with the hubcaps. Fast delivery, very easy to install, look great and no problems with them coming off. Not to mention getting a set of 4 new hubcaps is way cheaper than even a single one from the dealership.