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  • Blood Bank Guy Educational Videos - The videos were formerly known as the "Blood Bank Guy Podcast" and "Podlets." They cover many topics in basic transfusion medicine (some are being updated).
  • Blood Bank Guy Site update; revised September 2016 - In April 2016, the Blood Bank Guy site got a facelift and a fresh look at all content. I now have new blog content and an audio podcast! Check it out!
  • BBGE 020: Dr. Jeff McCullough on Pathogen Inactivation - Dr. Jeff McCullough discusses how to treat blood to zap most all of the "bugs in the bag," a process called pathogen inactivation.
  • BBGE 019: Dr. Joe Chaffin on Cryoprecipitate - Blood Bank Guy - Cryoprecipitate: Still used in the US, but not widely understood! Dr. Chaffin answers common questions and addresses common CRYO myths!
  • BBGE 018: Dr. Heidi Shafi on Transfusion Premedication - Blood Bank Guy - Many clinicians routinely order premedication with acetaminophen/diphenhydramine before transfusion. Dr. Shafi tells us why this might not be a great idea.
  • BBGE 017: Dr. Mark Fung on Transfusion Reactions - Everyone in blood transfusion must understand the complications that can occur (transfusion reactions). Dr. Mark Fung gives us a straightforward approach.
  • BBGE 016: Dr. Jeannie Callum on Plasma Transfusion - Blood Bank Guy - As many as 50% of plasma transfusions are unnecessary or inappropriate! Dr. Callum discusses good plasma transfusion practice with Dr. Chaffin.
  • The Essentials: Granulocytes - Blood Bank Guy - Granulocytes are weird! This specialized blood product has many unique features and requirements. Dr. Chaffin declassifies the need-to-know essentials.
  • G-Wiz! Decoding the G antigen and Anti-G - Blood Bank Guy - In the Rh system, the "G antigen" (and its associated antibody) seems mysterious. You should understand both, especially in caring for pregnant patients.
  • Help! I've Acquired a B! - Blood Bank Guy - ABO discrepancies seem confusing, but may be simple if you understand basic ABO biochemistry. This post reviews the weird "Acquired B Phenotype."
  • Rhapsody in Rh! Explaining Rh Terminology - Blood Bank Guy - The complex and confusing Rh blood group terminology has befuddled students for decades. Let's make it a little more straightforward!
  • BBGE 006: Ask BBGuy Mailbag 1 - Blood Bank Guy - Dr. Chaffin opens the Ask BBGuy Mailbag to discuss D variants, Liquid Plasma, warm autoantibody transfusion choices, and directed donor blood collections.

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