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  • Jeff Y - This is a much cleaner and better look for my 4Runner

    Used this to replace the original tall whip antenna. This is a much cleaner and better look for my 4Runner.

  • nathan - No gimmicks

    This mouse is definitely a crowd pleaser. It fixes just about all of the issues people had with the original Finalmouse. It's got a much much more structured build quality feeling despite being marginally larger. It's kind of strange seeing how small the difference the size is, while it feels totally different due to the new shape. The clicks on the mouse are every so slightly firmer as well, when compared to the Classic ERGO, but still have that crispy satisfying clicks Finalmouse is known for, just slightly firmer. Most importantly, what Finalmouse is highly regarded for is their sensor implementation. TOP NOTCH HERE.

  • Juliane A. Cartaino - DISAPPOINTED.

    The first one I bought stopped heating after a short use. The company was gracious enough to replace it-only after I jumped through the hoop of submitting photos of the broken unit with the power cord cut per their request.

  • Kelly - I can't seem to turn off the two lights at ...

    I can't seem to turn off the two lights at the top no matter what I do. This one is coming back to you.

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    Love this product. My son has a constipation problem and this product has helped him to pass on easily. He seems to be very happy the instant I give this as it helps remove the gassiness in his tummy. But for some reason he hates the taste and I have to really make him take it.

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    This has to be some kind of cruel joke. I, like many other reviewers, had some sort of "allergic reaction" to this product and was fooled by all of the positive reviews. Unfortunately, I didn't read the negative reviews before purchasing this product. Let me start off my saying that I do not have sensitive skin whatsoever. I barely had this mask on my face for 5 minutes before I felt an extreme burning sensation on my face. Needless to say, I currently look like a hot, red tomato, my skin feels as if it's about to burn and peel off, and I don't know how to fix this. All this did was cost me a future expensive trip to the dermatologist. There's nothing natural about this crap. I will most definitely be returning this product. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MASK! DON'T BELIEVE THE REVIEWS!