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  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/consumer-industrial Our Work | Consumer & Industrial | Battelle - See how Battelle can make your company more competitive, more efficient, more productive and more sustainable. From agribusiness to advanced manufacturing, we can help you analyze and improve product performance, meet regulatory requirements, and improve efficiency and sustainability.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment/agribusiness Our Work | Energy & Environment | Agribusiness | Battelle - From precision farming methods to complex environmental fate projects, Battelle is solving the problems that matter most to companies that feed the world.  We deliver innovative agribusiness solutions that lead to new products and a boost to existing product productivity while maintaining safety and sustainability within the global food system.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/national-security/battelle-manufacturing Our Work | National Security | Battelle Manufacturing | Battelle - Battelle’s manufacturing experts solve highly complex, specialized production challenges across a range of industries, from medical devices to commercial and military vehicles.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/consumer-industrial/battelle-verity Our Work | Consumer & Industrial | Battelle Verity® | Battelle - Battelle Verity® postprocessor software uses a patented structural stress methodology. It takes an entirely mesh-size-insensitive approach to weld-fatigue analysis, offering significant benefits to users across applications and industries.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/consumer-industrial/battelle-village Our Work | Consumer & Industrial | Battelle Village | Battelle - Tour the Battelle village and learn how our engineers and scientists develop technologies that are in your home and workplace. From seat cushions to food packaging and from air monitoring systems to fertilizers, the people at Battelle deliver products and services that make your life safer, healthier and more enjoyable. Discover Battelle and how it solves what matters most to you.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/consumer-industrial/consumer-products Our Work | Consumer & Industrial | Consumer Products | Battelle - When you need to make it stronger, lighter, and safer or just a whole lot better, count on Battelle. Whether you need end-to-end development support or a tiny tweak to your product or packaging, we can help you accelerate development timelines and build in lasting competitive advantage. We are bringing the latest discoveries in advanced materials, formulation, product engineering and a whole lot more to the consumer goods market.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/consumer-industrial/critical-infrastructure Our Work | Consumer & Industrial | Critical Infrastructure | Battelle - Safeguarding assets like power plants, food and water systems, buildings, airports and mass transit systems is essential to protecting our citizens from natural disasters, terrorist threats and man-made disasters. Battelle works with clients in telecommunications, financial services, energy, agriculture and transportation to enhance and protect aging infrastructure and ensure cost-effective operational performance for years to come.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/consumer-industrial/cyber-innovations Our Work | Consumer & Industrial | Cyber Innovations | Battelle - Enhance your cyber operations and stay ahead of emerging threats to keep your data, people, systems and infrastructure safe and secure. Battelle works with corporate and government clients to solve some of today’s most perplexing cyber challenges and prepare for the changing cyber landscape of tomorrow. Our innovative solutions challenge conventional problem-solving approaches without sacrificing scientific integrity.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/consumer-industrial/industrial-products-services Our Work | Consumer & Industrial | Industrial Products & Services | Battelle - Stay ahead of the competition and maximize your long-term growth potential. Battelle applies world-class engineering and the latest scientific discoveries to find breakthrough innovations that give you a lasting competitive edge. We have engineering and technical experts with deep expertise in a wide range of industries, so we can work hand-in-hand with your team to help you improve your performance, control your risks, accelerate time to market and increase sustainability. From product development to environmental restoration, we are solving the problems that matter most for industrial and manufacturing clients today.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment Our Work | Energy & Environment | Battelle - From power grid control to upstream and downstream oil & gas operations, and from environmental remediation to air quality testing, we work with clients to drive economic growth, find innovative energy solutions and protect our natural resources. See how Battelle can help you maintain your competitive edge and improve safety and sustainability.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment/alternative-energy Our Work | Energy & Environment | Alternative Energy | Battelle - Trust Battelle to help you improve performance, reduce costs and protect the environment with cutting-edge alternative energy innovations. From bio-based fuels and fuel cell technologies to solar energy and wind power, Battelle delivers market-ready alternative energy solutions based on the latest scientific discoveries. Our broad expertise in related science and engineering disciplines and our management of several U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratories—including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory—has put us at the forefront of alternative energy innovation.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment/demilitarization Our Work | Energy & Environment | Demilitarization | Battelle - Address high-hazard operations and mitigate operational risks to protect the general public, workers and the environment during chemical weapons cleanup operations. Disposal of chemical weapons presents inherent risks to worker and public safety and the environment. Battelle has established a trusted reputation in developing solutions to reduce the operational risks to acceptable levels.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment/environmental-services Our Work | Energy & Environment | Environmental Services | Battelle - When you need to understand the environmental, human health and economic impact of critical decisions, Battelle is your trusted source for objective, independent solutions. At Battelle, we believe that economic growth and environmental protection can go hand in hand. Our cross-disciplinary environmental service teams develop and apply innovative, cost-effective methods and technologies to protect human health and the environment and restore value to our greatest natural resources.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment/oil-gas Our Work | Energy & Environment | Oil & Gas | Battelle - Let Battelle help you accelerate your growth potential, improve equipment performance, control costs, and manage your assets safely and sustainably. Our scientists and engineers are advancing the frontiers of science and technology for the oil and gas industry. Whether you need environmental solutions for unconventional oil and gas operations, sensors and equipment for deepwater siting and exploration, carbon management solutions, or advanced materials for infrastructure integrity, trust Battelle to help you meet your business objectives.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment/utilities Our Work | Energy & Environment | Utilities | Battelle - Are you prepared for the rapid changes in technologies, regulations, usage patterns and resource availability that energy and water utilities are facing? Battelle can help you adapt and thrive. We are solving some of today’s most critical challenges with cutting-edge innovations that increase efficiency, security, reliability, safety and sustainability for energy and water suppliers.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/energy-environment/case-studies Our Work | Energy & Environment | Case Studies | Battelle - Battelle’s work in energy and environment qualify our status as a trusted partner, and illustrates our record of providing outstanding value for our clients.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/health-analytics Our Work | Health & Analytics | Battelle - The Battelle Health and Analytics team brings together the world’s best people, facilities and methods to improve public health and patient outcomes.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/health-analytics/repository-management Our Work | Health & Analytics | Repository Management & Technical Services | Battelle - Our professional services include repository management, clinical laboratory services, and onsite placement of qualified lab workers, managers and scientists.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/health-analytics/data-analytics Our Work | Health & Analytics | Healthcare Analytics | Battelle - Battelle leverages sophisticated analytical, computational and bioinformatics methods to help public health agencies and healthcare providers identify meaningful and relevant patterns and make informed and timely decisions.
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/health-analytics/healthcare-quality-improvement Our Work | Health & Analytics | Healthcare Quality Improvement | Battelle - Battelle works with agencies, hospitals and healthcare providers to provide objective and meaningful information to drive improvements in healthcare quality. 
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/health-analytics/medical-readiness-response Our Work | Health & Analytics | Medical Readiness & Response | Battelle - Battelle helps first responders, military personnel and public health officials identify, assess and counter environmental, occupational and disease threats. 
  • http://www.battelle.org/our-work/health-analytics/public-health-improvement-response Our Work | Health & Analytics | Public Health Support Services | Battelle - We support critical public health research and program development with expert evaluation, on-the-ground support and subject matter expertise for a wide variety of public health programs.

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