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  • EKML - my husband now quotes Sylvia Plath on a regular basis

    Being a woman, I bought these pens for myself - I would not want to write with a man's pen, so I have not been writing much since being born 35 years ago. After writing down a few recipes and a fifty-two page hommage to my husband, I found that the Cristal pen made me a lot more feminine, submissive, unassuming and prone to cooking barefoot in the nude. The pen also gave me a fuller chest and somehow managed to cinch all my dresses into hourglass shapes. My husband was delighted that I had finally become the perfect woman. He wanted me to write the pen a five-star review but reviewing things online is a thing only men should do, like voting.

  • Denise Cygan - 2013 Step-By-Step

    Needed this for my Medical Billing and Coding class. Carol J. Buck's books are the best. She explains and show's you in a way that you will understand and get it, especially when you first start these types of classes, which can be very complex and frustrating at with Carol J Buck, I promise you-you will not regret it. Good Luck with class.

  • Jamie Allen - Buyers beware

    I do not recommend this company. I've been "thriving" for several months now...let me just say, the first week-two weeks you feel an abundance of energy and it almost feels like a high. After that time, you'll notice dizziness and extreme high heart rates. Super scary. I'm 27 years old and I never want to feel that way again. After the third or forth week your body starts to get used to it. You'll need coffee again, and you won't have the energy you had during the first few weeks. The patches give me a rash every time I take them off I itch like crazy. I never lost any weight (I'm pretty healthy to begin with, I weight 139) but I wanted to try it for the energy my coworker who's in her 60's had been raging about. They charge WAY too much for the product and if you don't catch your monthly auto ship in time, they charge you a 10% restocking fee. Lol. As if they don't get enough money off their crap product. Do not buy this. It is not a healthy way of living.