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  • Columbia SC homes offer great residing options in Columbia - Columbia is a wonderful city to live in. There are several agencies in Columbia which can help you search for apartments, home rentals or Columbia SC homes
  • Tips to buy your favorite car - Buying a new car is not just going to your nearest car dealer and speak with a sales agent. Thinking of buying a car, as in the war mostly, you must be armed with tactics and you should be taken to the different selling strategies are well protected, the auto dealer to fire you at random.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Staclasy - Excellent product- thanks Alex Jones

    I kept hearing positive things from this product on the Alex Jones show, including his interview of Dr. wallach so I gave it a try. When I first opened the can and smelled it, it smelled revolting! However once mixed (2 scoops in a pint glass) it actually tasted good, and completely different from the way the dry powder smelled. My 4 year old loves the way it tastes abd says it is her favorite juice.

  • johnnybirder - Works perfectly fine streaming videos from my Macbook Pro to the television ...

    Works perfectly fine streaming videos from my Macbook Pro to the television set. Only drawbac really is that the cable is not very pliable, which is quite a pain when the laptop is near the tv, or in an area with small spaces.

  • scapEY - Usability, Performance, Looks

    I have been using Visual Studio since VS 2008. I have used a LOT of IDE's in Linux, Windows and OS-X. But no IDE has ever managed to even come close to the debug capabilities of VS. With VS12, MS has set a new standard in terms of usability both for the pro user and the just-starting-student.

  • nalissa - the best

    This is the best college book, period. I've looked at a lot of them. This one tells you more beyond just the statistics.

  • Jennifer M Potter - expensive and not very good

    I have been using this for over a month and I still haven't seen an improvement. It does feel like it's working with a tingling tea tree oil sensation, but it hasn't produced any noticeable results. I would save your money and try something else.

  • Bryan with a BY - Waiting for the quad din.

    This thing is everything I have ever wanted in a car stereo and more. I'm thinking about buying a second one, and mounting it right under the first one so it will be twice as cool. For serious though, if you think maybe you might possibly want a car stereo that can do pretty much anything you can think of, then get this thing, it's sick.