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  • TTAYLOR311 - it would probably work better for you

    I have very thick red hair. I was hoping that this would be easier than a straightening iron or at least less time consuming. My hair is probably considered wavy, with curly hair around the crown of my head. It did seem to tame the frizz. I would say it takes just as much time as a straightening iron but it wont be as straight. If you don't have a lot of hair, it would probably work better for you. If I could do it over again I probably wouldn't have purchased it. Just another hair tool I have in my bathroom.

  • Bentley's Folks - Great for calming an itchy dog

    Our dog doesn't like to be sprayed, even with a non-aerosol pump spray - so this mousse is easy to apply and he doesn't mind it. Just put a blob in your palms - rub them together - and apply to your dog. It'll stop the dry-skin itch (or allergy itch) and a great "extra" is that it smells great.