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  • Bid on Folic Acid Educational Outreach in Phoenix | Arizona Bid Network - Provide them with counseling and information regarding the proper use of the supplements.
  • Bid on RFP - Solid Waste Ser rvices in Benson | Arizona Bid Network - Provide collection and transport for disposal of solid waste for all residential customers and all city- owned commercial accounts.
  • Bid on Design Engineering Services For: Cactus Forest Drive At Old Spanish Trail - Left Turn Lane (4CFLTL) in Cactus Forest Drive At Old Spanish Trail | Arizona Bid Network - Provide engineering design services for the roadway improvement includes repaving and symmetric widening of old spanish trail from approx. 200' south of the intersection to approx. 400' north of the intersection by approx. 5' on each side where needed, minor embankment widening on the west side of old spanish trail, installation of signing and striping on old spanish trail as needed for roadway changes, repaving of two private driveways within the project limits, repaving of the connection of pantano trail to old spanish trail, and replacement of culverts crossing private driveways. The new cross section of old spanish trail will be 5' wide shoulders, 11' wide through lanes, and a 12' wide left turn lane.
  • Bid on Subdivision & Utility Infrastructure (including Sewer Lagoon) in Tohono O'odham Nation | Arizona Bid Network - Subdivision & Utility Infrastructure (including Sewer lagoon), New Construction of 10 Single Family Dwellings & 10 Additional Engineered Building pads
  • Bid on Leverage Consultant in Sells | Arizona Bid Network - Evaluation of resources and funding programs and administration services including research, proposal writing, grant sourcing, compliance monitoring and other duties.
  • Bid on Design Build Services for Parks & Recreation Department Pre-engineered Steel Administration, Maintenance, and Storage Building in Sahuarita | Arizona Bid Network - DESIGN-BUILD: Design and construction of a pre-engineered steel administration, maintenance and storage building.
  • Bid on Indirect Cost Proposal in Phoenix | Arizona Bid Network - Provide an indirect cost proposal. The Indirect Cost Proposal developed from this contract's initial year shall be for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018. The total expenses for the year ending June 30, 2016 were $109,958,028.
  • Bid on Archaeological Survey EC Bar Ranch in Phoenix | Arizona Bid Network - The selected consultant will be tasked with the completion of a Class III cultural resource surveys at EC Bar Ranch, 392 acres of land in Nutrioso, Apache County, Arizona. Subsequent to the completion of the Class III intensive pedestrian survey, the consultant will complete a Class III report that addresses a proper literature review for the project area (Class I), a list of field methods implemented and lastly the study results. The term of the resultant contract will commence upon date of award and will continue for one (1) year unless terminated, canceled or extended as otherwise provided herein.

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