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  • Greg lopez - Great product

    Product made a major difference in my riding. I am not a very experience rider, however these shoes have made it easier to go on longer rides.

  • Matt Sandifer - High Quality Tracker that Works

    So far so good with these trackers. You do have to have the app on in the background for the phone finder to work at all. I have had little success with this feature but I will give it a pass since that isn't the main function of this device. As far as the locating the MYNT device I have not had any issue when BT is turned on.

  • Woman - No stars!

    WORST TAMPONS EVER! Totally uncomfortable, leaked everywhere and kept falling out! I'm sticking to my Diva Cup from now on.


    I take 2 before bed and sleep like a baby!! Plus you don't wake up with that hang over feeling. Before I starting taking Kava I would wake up at least a dozen times a night, so I was never truly getting RESTFUL sleep, and it seemed as though no matter how many hours I slept I was always tired when I woke up. I attribute that to waking up so much during the night. But since taking Kava I only wake up once or twice and thats just to use the bathroom, so I'm waking up for a reason as opposed to waking up just because! I have a more scheduled sleep pattern now as well, I sleep between 7-8 hours and wake feeling refreshed and ready to go. I will def purchase again, and again, and again!

  • julianaoh - Inglesina 2013 fast table chair

    This chair is very easy to assemble. I have just had the chance to test it and i love the way it hooks to the table. The "claws" are made of a rubber that does not damage the table and it feels sturdy yet very comfortable. I bought is a my main high chair for our expecting baby, and I love the idea of our daughter eating with us in the same table. I also bought the summer infant tiny diner mat and it fits perfectly between the table and the hook, I think this will help even more to protect the table. I just found out Inglesina has their own Inglesina Fast Dining Tray, it was not out when i bought it and it looks fantastic as well. It would be good to make sure if it also fits this 2013 model.

  • rocknmomx5 - Nice, sturdy case. Good buy for not a lot of money.

    Fits well, very nice and has a hard plastic back, which feels like extra protection for your tablet. I can't get it to stand up on it's own, but maybe I'm just not doing it right. Also, the tablet just pops into the case, which makes it really easy for children to pop it right back out. If you aren't letting children use your tablet, then I doubt it's an issue. I've carried it in my purse and never had an issue with it coming out of the case. Still, I prefer the types of cases where you have to slide the tablet in and fasten it because they feel more secure to me, but that's just personal preference.