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  • E. Orchard - Tough item to review!

    I think this is a very, very difficult item to review. Everyone's experience with it will vary; it will NOT produce the same results for everyone. Would be great if it did, but that's just not the case. I find that reading ALL instructions are important and knowing the devices limitations are key, too. Nothing on the planet promises PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL except for traditional needle-in-each-pore electrolysis. Laser, or IPL can at best promise PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION and that's only if 1) you have the right skin type, 2) you have dark enough hair and 3) you manage to hit the hair during the right growth cycle in order to "damage" it. Tip: read about the three phases of hair growth to understand why you have to "zap" it in the ANAGEN growth phase.

  • Rebecca Allen - It's a piece of crap, received it for Christmas this year 2014

    It's a piece of crap, received it for Christmas this year 2014. It says it works on iPads but only on the older models don't buy this product. Trying to return it since it won't work with my iPad and they want 15% to restock and they want me to pay for shipping. I am out 46.00 plus freight.

  • mark engel - Floor mats

    Do a lot of camping around sand it makes it easiy to keep car clean, just lift mats out and dump sand out.

  • D. Love - I love the newly dedicated buttons for everything

    As for the device, it's a 5 star product. The charger is negative 1 star. I love the newly dedicated buttons for everything. No more hold these two buttons down for mute, maybe it will work then hold down power or the call button to do other things... This latest is great because you have dedicated mute, call, volume, and power switches or buttons. I am a fan. However, as hundreds others have said, the charging mechanism is crap. Why on Earth Plantronics thought it was a good idea to have a proprietary charger is beyond me. Plantronics used to have all chargers like this instead of USB. WIth the Voyager Pro line they finally went to USB... You're going backwards Plantronics! I can't give the earpiece itself less than 4 stars tho because it's amazing. Great call quality and fits well with glasses.

  • Sarah Kelle - Absolutely love it!!!

    I had never seen this product before. It is sold only in the African American have product selection. My hair is so dry and unmanageable I happened to look there. It definitely paid off. After just the first application I noticed a difference. And after a month my hair is no longer dry, breaking off and is growing again due to not breaking off. By far the BEST hair product I've used. Even after using salon leave in conditioners and products, this bests it hands down.

  • MummCher - No more exploding soda!

    Gave this to my husband who constantly put soda in the freezer, forgot it, and viola exploded soda everywhere! We have been using it constantly. We frequently have large numbers of thirsty teenagers here, and this will chill 12 cans on the initial 2 trays of ice cubes. Though it claims extra time will make a soda nearly freezing cold, it doesn't quite get that cold, but it's definitely refrigerator cold. Have also chilled 20 oz bottles of ice tea, which also are nice and cold. Have not yet tried wine (but we drink mostly red and wouldn't chill that anyway). My neice is getting married and this is a perfect gift for her and her fiance!

  • Eric - Very nice helmet!

    Great helmet, very light and comfortable! I race mtn and cyclocross with this helmet, mostly endurance stuff. You can really tell a difference with a light helmet after wearing it for 4-5 hours. Highly recommend.