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City: 10.1327 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

  • Regina L. Markowicz - Sturdy, basic, reliable, good for heavy home use, not fancy!

    I bought this machine for making quilts. I also purchased a quilting feed pressure walking foot. The maching is great, and doing just what I expected, so far, as I have only been using it 10 days now. With the additional foot, it is doing a great job of huge quilting tasks, and home repairs and clothing. It is heavy enough to stay in place without walking all over, and is very much like the Singer I purchased 20 years ago. It is simple, but had a bit of trouble figuring out the drop in bobbin. It is not computerized so I will not have to replace a computer board! I do not need a light weight maching to make pretty little stitches, and fall apart when it comes to sewing denim. This one is great, and a great machine if you already have a fancy computerized machine and wnat one for heavy home use. this is not a commercial maching, just a good, dependable machine. Now the foot is another issue. I looked up the part and number on line, and wrote it down and ordered it from the Joanne Fabric store near my house. Their sewing machine department is called Viking. They did not even know the part number, but ordered the foot. It came in just one week...in a box that was lettered in Chinese, not packages for sale in the USA, without ID of any kind, and nothing written in English. I never bought anything like this in the USA before, but have in Canada where they do not require meeting such high sales requirments. I was told when I called that this was the right part (nearly $30) and to trust them. I could bring it back if it did not work or was the wrong part. But what the heck, I bought something that tells me nothing at all on the box, period! So I guess I have to trust them. So far the part is working very well, but I cannot tell you the part number or any info at all. I recommend the machine.

  • Connie Hedenstrom - Love the book and the procedure

    The book was easy to understand. I've been using the procedure for two months and have whiter teeth, more flexibility and increase range of motion in my stiff neck. Also, I've been able to explain the procedure and the basis of the results thanks to Dr. Fife's book.

  • taffy - So much better than chrome!

    The measurements that the lady with the ruler gave were spot on. They fit my GE cooktop perfectly. The only thing I can add is to look at your old pans and make sure the hole where the heating element goes is round. There is another one (same brand and color) that has an oval hole. It makes a difference.

  • D Gutterman - So far so good

    I have a parathyroid thing going on which means, I suddenly and unfortunately have tons of kidney stones. In the middle of this mess, I have to keep seeing the urologist and they keep catheter specimening me (TMI I know but hang in here, okay?) which means I keep either getting UTIs too or I'm worried about them far too much because if I get an infection, they want me back in the hospital which is THOUSANDS of dollars with insurance and really, not so great care. So while I try to get into the best place to fix my parathyroid issue, I'm taking this and it seems to be helping. No UTI means no fever meaning no hospital. Fingers crossed (and legs and anything else because kidney stones suck)!

  • tartakd - Light on Your Computer

    It's funny, but these days I pick an antivirus not by it's antivirus capability, but rather by how little resources it takes from my computer. Plus the price, of course. With this combo Kaspersky is hard to beat. Been using it for several years on various computers after Nod32's price went through the roof.

  • Mo (FL, USA) - Beautiful ornament

    They are the most beautiful, sparkling and elegant ornaments. I get one every year, they are all a little different but always just as pretty! I also get the little star. The sun during the day and the lights at night make such gorgeous twinkling on all the crystal which showcase nicely my other sentimental ornaments!

  • Amazon Customer - Decent for the money--hope they improve video playback ASAP

    Got my new Chromebook yesterday and was really excited to have an alternative device that I could type on. 99% of my computer time is while connected and the offline apps will be more than sufficient for this backup computer. Setup went very smooth. The screen looks like something from a laptop 5-8 years ago. Others have mentioned the viewing angle, but you also have to constantly adjust the screen tilt. I imagine alot of the cost savings were related to the screen. I immediately noticed that I have one dead pixel near the center of the screen. I have not decided if I will return for this issue.