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  • Jay Riley - As A Political Moderate, I Was Impressed.

    As someone who spent part of his childhood in Thailand during the Vietnam war, am multi-cultural and multi-lingual as a result, I may have seen this differently than most who watch this. I am a Buddhist, child of Anthropologists, raised in a fairly liberal American household growing up. Having become more conservative as I've aged, I still do not fit neatly in a single political or social box. I give this background for much the same reason D'Souza gave his in the movie, to allow the reader to judge my biases for themself.

  • Citizen John - Fight the real enemy

    On the surface, Capt. Trimmer's book would appear to the casual reader to simply be a treatise on maritime safety, and thus, beyond reproach. For those of you waiting for the movie, NO SPOILERS here, but on closer examination, I can't help but think this is simply another attempt of the Anti-Huge Ship movement to promote their extremist agenda.

  • Jose garcia - Ehhhhhh!

    Not bad floor liners. The mats could fit a little more sun. When i received this product the back mat was folded in a box. Which cause it to distort the shape. Over time though im sure it will go back to normal. Also i was misiing the cap that you put over the hooks on the floor. Box was beaten up to when i received it. If i were to biy more weather techs mats i would just buy them from the weather tech website.

  • Dominique - Great

    This product took about two weeks to arrive. Product was great. It comes actually the way it is displayed on the site. I was very pleased with it.