Andrology Lab & Sperm Bank | Androcryos - Androcryos specialises in the collection, screening and preservation of human biological material relevant to fertilisation.

  • Contact Us | Androcryos - Androcryos specialises in harvesting reproductive material for insemination and fertilisation. They are situated in Johannesburg, South Africa and you can contact them via the internet or telephone.
  • Sperm Cryopreservation | Androcryos - At Androcryos we service those who wish to have sperm frozen and stored as a way of preserving their genetic future, securing the prospect of becoming a parent one day.
  • Sperm Donors & Preservation | Androcryos - Androcryos receives sperm from a genetically-broad variety of donors. Donors are guaranteed anonymity.
  • Artificial Insemination | Androcryos - Androcryos helps woman become pregnant through artificial insemination and provides a list of fertility clinics for those who need fertility treatments.
  • Androcryos | Andrology Lab & Sperm Bank - Androcryos is a human sperm bank operated for the benefit of the medical community in the treatment of infertility.
  • FAQ | Androcryos - Androcryos answers commonly-asked questions on our Frequently Asked Questions. This is an online support for donors, recipients and medical practitioners.

    Country:, Africa, ZA

    City: 28.0583 Gauteng, South Africa

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