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  • Chelsie994 - amazing!!!!!!

    item got here fast and packaged very nicely This kit includes wet and dry wipes for cleaning the screen before application. No dust remover or alignment stickers were included like with some other kits. My biggest issue is that the case came cracked in both the front and the back side as seen in my picture. Fortunately the screen protectors seems unscathed. I am not sure if this is a manufacturer or shipper problem but it could have potentially damage the screen protector. it's easy to apply without air bubbles. At first it looks as if they are not on very good but the heat from the screen and phone will make the cover fully. i highly recommend

  • MamaVee - Lovely wide toothed comb

    I am in love with this comb. The quality of the grain and smoothness of the tines over my head is soooo nice. Definitely of gift quality. It comes with a nice box and a bag that is nice but not big enough to actually hold the comb. It doesn't matter because the cob is nice an wide-toothed. My intention was to give this to my long-haired daughter but my thick-haired husband snagged it because it was so nice.

  • technophobic - Delighted

    After 15plus years of TurboTax, now a first-year user of TaxACT, and I couldn't be happier. $12.99 for a package that would have cost me $150 with TT. (I use Schedule A, B, C and D, and depreciation schedules.) Saying goodbye to slimy Intuit: priceless!! Switch-over was painless. Overall, entering the data is as easy as it was with TT -- at one point, TaxACT is even better as it allows for overrides where TurboTax has limited the override capability more and more. The import of my 1099 forms is manual, however it is a minimal effort, in the course of which I discovered that one automated import last year dropped taxes withheld: either the bank did the wrong encoding of the 1099 form or the TT software did the wrong decoding. In any case, an unexpected refund for me. (I did not choose the bundle because my state makes it super easy to enter the data directly on the website of the state revenue department.) (I have TaxACT running on Vista and on Windows 8.1 in desk top mode - no problem in either case.)