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  • Voiceguy - When You Need Extra Cleaning Power

    I didn't even know that Waterpik devices were still around, but when I recently started orthodontic treatment as an adult, it was highly recommended that I use a Waterpik daily. Nowadays I tend to look on Amazon first for anything I need, and I shouldn't have been surprised to find Waterpik units here. This one appeared to be at or near the top of the line, and seemed like just the ticket. It also appears that the company has incorporated a number of nice improvements over the years, and I think it's worth getting this high-end model to take advantage of them.

  • Amanda - This was a gift

    I got this calendar for some friends as a gift. The only thing that would have made it better would be if you could use the pages as rolling papers! haha

  • Plate18 - I'm Only Here Because I Was Forced

    I've used Quicken Property Manager for about 4 years. It's a decent product - it does everything you need it to do. It doesn't do it very elegantly or without quirks and the occasional bug, but it gets the job done.

  • Sidra Edaw - Surprisingly Effective

    Wiintergreen smell is why only. 4 stars -- the product REALLY reduced pain in joints -- knees and shoulders. But will not be comfortable leaving home smelling of wintergreen, and think it's too strong to be covered up with cologne..

  • finsrin - simply the best

    By far the BEST! I use this collar on my cat and 5 dogs. It is simply the best flea and tick treatment avalible. Put it on and no fleas or ticks for 8 months. Nice bonus reflectors that keep my cat visable if he is out a night.No mess. No stress. Simply the best!

  • Robin K - Say Yes To Love!

    I was lucky enough to be able to read The Revolution early. My god did S L Scott out do herself! I didn't think anyone could top Dalton (Johnny Outlaw). Kaz Fabian, though, he owns a huge chunk of my heart now. This hot rock star is pure gold in his heart and soul. Kaz and Lara’s relationship is complicated and easy all at once; both fighting forces outside of their cocoon to be together. One trying to tear them apart, another eating away at Kaz from the inside. The way Scott handled the devastating reality of what Lara has to suffer through, and how it takes her over, makes her make decisions she never thought she ever would; just heartbreaking and amazing. There were a couple times I had to take a break from this book so I could compose myself before continuing on, because it really hit my soul hard. This story was brilliant, compelling, and soul shattering. Above all, this story is about love, and how it can overcome anything if you just believe in it. Say yes to this book, say yes to love, because love matters.

  • Stephen Mayclin - Not for serious cleaning

    I wanted to give this a try, since I've never found a way of mopping that made it anything less than tedious and messy.