Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesCommonwealth Medical Laboratories | Leader in Allergy Testing - We are a full service allergy testing lab offering both FDA-approved blood testing as well as environmental testing.

  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesWhy Choose Us? | An Accurate and Affordable Allergy Test - Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to provide you with an accurate and affordable allergy test option that is also convenient and quick.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesAbout Us | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - Commonwealth Medical Laboratories was born out of passion, technology, and timing. Our passion is to help allergy sufferers – and those who treat them.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesBlog | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - Our blog features articles about the latest research and studies, as well as generally helpful information about managing allergies.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesAllergies 101 | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - Allergies 101: This set of resources and information is intended to help educate allergy sufferers, and can be a valuable tool for those who treat them.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesBetter Health Through Knowledge | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - Better health through knowledge gives you a basic understanding of the causes and processes of having allergies.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesSeasonal Allergy Pollen Guides (U.S.) | Commonwealth Medical Labs - Our U.S. Seasonal Allergy Pollen Guides are a set of maps that display the active pollinating cycles for hundreds of plants in the United States.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesFood Allergy Survival Guide | Commonwealth Medical Labs - Our food allergy survival guide helps you eat well with food allergies considered.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesTests | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - An overview of the tests we offer, including available allergens and sample results.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesHYTEC288 IgE IgG IgG4 Allergen List | - Our 2015 HYTEC288 IgE IgG IgG4 Allergen List, including codes for test order forms. Includes drugs, foods, grasses, occupational, and more.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesSIBO Testing - Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - SIBO testing, a breath test for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, is now available at Commonwealth Medical Laboratories.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesImmunoCAP Allergen List | Commonwealth Medical Labs - Our ImmunoCAP allergen list, including codes for test order forms. Includes animals, chemicals, foods, inhalants, pollens, and many more.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesClinical Blood Work | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - In addition to our industry-leading allergy testing, we also offer most clinical blood work at Commonwealth Medical Laboratories.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesFor Patients | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - Allergy information specifically for patients, including benefits of self-ordered tests, resources, and why other patients love to work directly with us.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesBenefits of a Self-Ordered Test | Commonwealth Medical Labs - Self-ordered tests. Yes, you the consumer can order your own allergy tests or blood work. Commonwealth Medical Laboratories is happy to help you!
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesAllergy Drops (SLIT) - Learn about SLIT allergy drops from the allergy experts; Commonwealth Medical Laboratories.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesRequistion Forms for Patients: - Patients use these Requisition Forms from Commonwealth Medical Labs to order allergy tests. Other related forms are also here for your convenience.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesPractitioners & Doctors | Commonwealth Medical Laboratories - Allergy testing and resources for practitioners / doctors / physicians, including requisition forms, partner portal access, links, and more.
  • Commonwealth Medical LaboratoriesLicenses, Proficiencies, Accepted Insurances | CML - A listing of our licenses, proficiencies, and accepted insurances for our Physician / Practitioner clients.

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