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  • Bobenny - Great Music

    This was a selection I made for a section of a fishing/hunting DVD I made for my husband & his friends of 20 years. Great in the fishing section. Love the music anyway.

  • M. A. May - Common sense info, highly overpriced, poor customer service

    My 60+ mother sadly purchased this program at an exorbitant price and gifted it to my husband and I for tips to help us parent our teenage son to treat his younger sister more kindly. My heart sank once I heard how much she had paid, but figured we'd give it a go. A lot of the program seems very geared toward kids with major behavioral issues, problems at school, or ADHD conditions which didn't really apply in our case, so we didn't find it that useful, aside from some common sense parenting techniques that could be found much cheaper elsewhere.

  • sherbear - This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent

    We have used this in our personal home, I am a property manager and have brought these nasty "hitch hikers" home a few times. This stuff is amazing, but you have to be diligent. Plus they have great customer service if you have questions. The big thing is being diligent. You can't just spray it and hope everything goes away. You have to spray and vacuum, and spray and vacuum. Use the powder in all wall openings (outlets, switches, cable/internet hookups), spray and seal your mattresses. You have to repeat weekly for several weeks. This product is much less expensive than exterminators and works better than the stuff they have. It has no odor, and has never stained anything.

  • Over the River - A bit disappointed.

    Excitedly I tore open the package so the little ones could start playing with a model of their future. Boy were they disappointed when they tried to get the "passenger" through the detector but he was pulled aside because he is on the "No-Fly List". I don't see the point of a toy you are not even allowed to play with.

  • Honest Reviewer - Great for nurses!

    I'm currently in a RN program and as a student nurse, this is perfect! While I'm doing other stuff like counting respirations, I'll have my patient place this on their index finger and when I'm done counting respirations, I'll have their heartrate and O2 sat. It makes my mornings very efficient and which my trainers like! All in all, I love this thing! I received this product at a discounted rate for reviewing purposes. This discount has had no influence or effect on my review as my review is honest, unbiased, and an accurate depiction of my own personal experience. All thoughts, observations, and opinions are 100% and wholly mine and no one else’s. I was also not paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form for this review as I am doing it out of my own volition for informative purposes for other Amazon customers.

  • TheWerewolf - Good concept, but not really as practical or usable as you'd think

    I found this device very erratic and it doesn't work well with many Android devices, nor - oddly - with my iDevices, for which it was designed. Given that you still need to carry test strips in a controlled container, the piercer and lancets, it's hard to see the advantage of this over their BG5 wireless unit. Also, it's hard to find lancets for the piercer they include, although Bayer's microlancets will do although the fit isn't good.