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City: 11.0768 Bavaria, Germany

  • WILLIAM E MCDONALD - Good stuff

    This product was recommended by my dermatologist. Once I started using it, it was clearly better than my old facial moisturizer. It's often out of stock at my local stores, so I'm glad to get on Amazon.

  • Aline - Great bag- small but packs well!

    Fits more than I expected. Works great as a gym bag but also used it for a 3 day carry on trip. At the airport I was able to fit a rolled up yoga mat under the handles, then flip the back straps on the bag, carrying it as a backpack with yoga mat attached- super handy! The backpack straps are way more useful than I thought they would be.

  • Nakagawa - Just what the doctor ordered!

    It is so nice to have extra check registers with so many atm/debit card transactions and hardly any checks. These check registers fit in the check cover perfectly. This was a great purchase.

  • SewingRoom - Miraculous!!!

    This tea really works! I had always had irregular periods, but 2 years ago it began to only come about 5 times per year. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with PCOS but refused to take birth control pills. I searched high and low for remedies but to no avail. I started drinking this tea in November and have had a period every month since! They are not 28 days apart yet, but I had one in December, January, February and March. I finally feel like a "regular woman again!

  • AZ Reader - Wow, what a difference!

    Two-year-old Sammy has been trying to train me for ages: when he's hungry or bored, I am to feed him *instantly*. (Me on couch = "open the treat jar, Ma!") His routine was pretty effective:

  • Jessica R. Lydon - great historical fiction

    Draws you in....finished in two days! Wish there was another to continue the story (or is there?)! Written in a way that feels personal.

  • Kenneth - Best gaming mouse I've ever used

    I picked this up about a month ago after watching a pro cs streamer I follow that was using it. I must say its night and day coming from my old deathadder to the finalmouse. The sensor feels a lot more crisp and accurate. It's hard to describe the feeling of how smooth it is but basically wherever I move the mouse the tracking follows with absolutely zero imperfection. Clicks are a perfect combination of tactile and light and most importantly they actually click when I want them to. I was always getting sticky double clicks on my DA.