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  • Client Education | Massage Therapy Vancouver - Client education is very important to making permanent lifestyle changes. If you know of other resources that have helped you, please contact me.
  • Conditions Treated | Injury Recovery - A listing of the conditions treated by Kent Smith RMT using massage, intuitive bodywork and energy healing techniques such as the Body Code.
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  • Treatment Approach | Vancouver RMT - Kent Smith RMT has over 20 years experience as a healer. Learn about his treatment approach and practice at Root Wellness in Kitsilano.
  • Kent Smith RMT | Agape Therapeutic - Kent Smith RMT - I believe that health and well-being is a reflection of the interplay between your mind, body, emotions and spirit. You choose your health.
  • Core Values | Healing Principles - The core values or healing principles discovered by seeking answers to the question: Why do some people heal quickly while others don't?
  • Emotions and Pain | Emotions Create Body Pain - Your emotions and pain are intertwined. Emotions play a role and alter your experience of physical pain and can create chronic pain when they're suppressed.
  • Healing Trauma | Heal Trauma - Trauma in your life resides on a spectrum from small to big. Healing trauma is best accomplished by a combination of talk and body-based therapies.
  • Body Code Vancouver | Emotion Code Vancouver - The Body Code System, which includes the Emotion Code, was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson DC. The Body Code System removes energy imbalances.
  • Free Monthly Meditation | Agape Therapeutic - Join gifted Intuitive Healer and Heart Led Living Coach, Sue Dumais to cleanse and clear your energy centers to come back into balance.
  • Therapeutic Relationship | Agape Therapeutic - Positive therapeutic relationships between a practitioner and a client are built upon healthy boundaries, consent and communication.
  • Pelvic Dysfunction | Agape Therapeutic - The pelvis is your center, like a foundation under a house. There are three main factors that create pelvic dysfunction within the body.
  • Pain and Learning | Agape Therapeutic - Pain and learning go hand in hand. Physical and emotional pain are the greatest learning resources we have if we ask the right questions.
  • Breast Health | Factors Affecting Breast Health - Read about the five factors affecting breast health and contact Kent Smith RMT to set up a free 15 minutes consultation for breast issues.

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  • Rosebud - Not a great movie

    I am sorry to criticize this movie, but the plot and acting was terrible. This may have been the goal of the movie--to be "camp" in style, but I had a hard time watching the movie. I couldn't watch the movie to the end!

  • Rowena Patton - I thought the flavor was great, and it 'feels' cleansing when drinking it/

    I had my first one today and mixed it with soda water and ice. I thought the flavor was great, and it 'feels' cleansing when drinking it/

  • Vegas Luna - i decided to go ahead and post a review of ...

    i decided to go ahead and post a review of this product. I got this in an amazon lightening deal. This thing won't even power on. i followed the instructions to charge the battery for days at different light sockets. I called technical support, they aren't available on saturdays. i might have maybe two hours available during the week to troubleshoot this thing.

  • ROBERT S. - Norton Antivirus 2013

    not sure what all the fuss is about, these new duel core pc's have no problems running the software, I have used other less affective alternatives with regretful mistakes. Norton does the job quite well

  • D. Jenkins - Love The Book's Content (Easy to Understand)

    I had to purchase this book for my MBA Fin Mgmt I class last semester. I actually purchased it from the bookstore. I didn't have a finance background. I really liked the way the authors made the subject easy to understand and comprehend. It gives you plenty of examples. The answers and calculations are given for the self-test questions. This class was taken all online. When I initially had taken this class on campus, I had to drop it because I wasn't understanding the concepts. After taking an Accounting course, I felt I was better preprared for this course a second time around. This book is written for the novice and advanced student.