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  • Marble Head - Don't Be Fooled!

    Snowden must have missed this one, which masquerades as a simple tome with the innocent title of Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China but which could just as well be called, "China's Coming in Your Back Door -- Look Out! - Stand Up For Yourself -- But Only When You're Done". Smuggled out of Quaint Old Peking (which is the innermost inner-inner city in Beijing), the complete decryption of this secret report blows the lid right off of China's most secret, inner workings.

  • david - Shockingly and seriously bad. So bad it's bad. Rotten Tomatoes taste nice after this

    Emmerich is no Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer realises that you have to at least some semblance of acting talent on the screen to bestow even a fig leaf of respectability to what is basically second rate material. Will Smith is Bruckheimer's Charlton Heston, poor as that may be, Emmerich plumps for John Cusack which is a disaster in itself...As an ex teacher I can spot a plodder (or two) from a mile away.

  • Elizabeth from Crazii B!tches Book Blog - Misha & Ryen <3

    Penelope Douglas is one of my favorite authors and this book really blew me away. Punk 57 is raw, gritty, sexy & real.

  • Kindle Customer - fun easy read

    The story was cute and funny. I had to take a star off for the author's continuous geography blunders. As a local, the mixups took me out of the story (one of the most egregious, she placed Salem near Cape Cod). Maybe an editor with local knowledge of the setting would have helped.

  • margaret pearson - Excellent product, does what it says!

    We were convinced our car was ready for the scrap heap then we stumbled across the product on the internet & decided to give it a go. The car now passed the MOT & we have our run about back on the road, thanks to Bar's Leaks.

  • Joe Da Rold - Average

    Six teenagers in a small town suddenly disappear, presumed kidnapped. Until one dead body is found… and then there were five. One of the missing is Aurora Teagarden’s stepbrother. Halfway through the book It’s pretty apparent to readers who the kidnapper is, although not to the police, the sheriff, or the FBI. In Bon Temps, whenever there was action, Sookie Stackhouse was in the middle of it. Author Harris seems to have forgotten this, because in this mystery novel, the action occurs offstage and everybody talks about it. I grant you, Aurora is in the thick of the last scene, but that just points up the weakness with the rest of the book. I think I’ll see what Harper Connelly is up to…

  • Amazon Customer - Great value - reasonably easy to setup

    My neighbor in the cul-de sac had a break in a couple of months ago which of course scared most of the neighbors. Had several security companies come around and give me quotes for install of their systems. One of the more reputable local alarm companies were looking for ~$3K for hardware plus ~$2K for install plus high monitoring fees.