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  • Jessica Holbrook - Cool diffuser. Love the optional lights and the automatic shut off functions.

    This is my first essential oil diffuser and I am really happy with the look of it and how it works. It's a nice, modern design and you can use it with or without the LED colors. You can also have it set to continuous mist or on for 30 seconds/off for 30 seconds. You can also just use the lights, if you want to use it as a night light. It will turn off by itself, too, if it runs out of water.

  • rita v. - and how this lining becomes like a swiss cheese

    Explains well how the digestion works, how the gut bacteria lining the gut walls digest food and kill pathogens that come with food, and how this lining becomes like a swiss cheese, full of holes when we take antibiotics, stress, etc.